Testosterone Tests

What specific tests should I ask my dr to do or check to see if he’s doing?

What is it that you’re asking him to do? Are going to him because you want testosterone replacement therapy?

More to see if I need it because he sure as hell is not gonna give it to me just because I want it.

The “Male Hormone Panel” from LEF is good.

* Lipid Profile
* Pregnenolone
* DHEA Sulfate
* Free Testosterone (with Total)
* Estradiol
* Progesterone
* PSA (Total)

Bah he can only order a total test. and they ussualy check lipid and tsh but said if they are normal we could discuss a referal to endocrinology.
BTW thanks for the list

I’m not sure why he can only order a total test. I’d look into anti-aging clinics.

Pay for the LEF tests out of pocket, get the membership, and know what is going on. Sale ends June 2nd.

test are in and I started a new thread, sorry to clutter