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Testosterone Tests Came Back


I want to start off by saying that I've never used a performance enhancing drug, anabolic steroid, any sort of hormone manipulation and never even used a natural testosterone booster.

but after arguing with the doctor for a while i got my test checked anyways.

my free test is 54.3 (i believe pg/mL) and the range is (35.0-155.0)

and my Testosterone total was 204 (LOW) (ng/dL) and the range is 250-1100

there are more lab results in picture form throughout this thread.
10APRIL2012 i also found out i have a varicocele in my left testicle

EDIT, more background info
I'm in the Army. over the past couple years i've had frequent changes in sleep patterns because of a deployment to the middle east, and shift changes here at work. as of Febuary I've had a steady and constant regular day shift (5-5)

edit: Basic Questions

-age 22 years old

-height 68 inches

-waist not sucking in about 39ish

-weight 235ish

-describe body and facial hair: Almost full beard few spots missing but pretty full

-describe where you carry fat and how changed: mostly evenly dispersed, Mostly stomach boobs butt and thigh, possibly female like.

-health conditions, symptoms [history]
a little tired, anti social, stressed and taking a long time to fall asleep nothing major, fatigue is my biggest issue

-Rx and OTC drugs, any hair loss drugs or prostate drugs ever Naproxen ever now and again, melatonin for sleep, 50,000 IU of vit D once a week for 9 weeks (took my last pill on the 19th of may

-lab results with ranges
new lab results posted below 20march2012

-describe diet [some create substantial damage with starvation diets]
usual days are 3000ish lots of blue berries, strawberries, bananas, apples, raw broccoli, white rice eggs chicken and salmon are a staple as well. isopure and ON casein or Dynamic nutrition casien.

-describe training [some ruin there hormones by over training]
6 days a week lifting bodybuilding style split. 3 cardio days (two 30minute steady state, one 15 mintute sprint/jog session). 1 actual no training day off.

-testes ache, ever, with a fever?
not really, i think i may have a possible minor varicocele on the left testicle getting an ultra sound 10April2012 (the doctor said it was minor and to leave it alone)

-how have morning wood and nocturnal erections changed
some mornings i have morning wood and others i dont


I would also like to add that i got a thyroid test the doctor said that was normal.

TSH SENSITIVE...... 2.810 (0.27-4.2) mcIU/mL
FT4................ 1.37 (0.93-1.7) NG/DL


Read the stickeys...at your age with no past steroid use there is probably something more going on than just low T...stickeys will tell you waht to look for and what to ask


Do you mean the part that talks about the test you should have before trt that lists these

lf and fsh
ft or bioT

or are you hinting to other things that i may have skipped over?


Yes, but you are missing some. Cortisol and thyroid labs, most specifically. Vitamin D3 as well.

Need to understand how the hormones relate. The whole workup is important.


Also you dont need PSA...that is for older guys and those already on T....same for DRE

Just saw your second post with partial thyroid results. Looking at that, your TSH is a bit on the higher side which may or may not be an issue, but warrants furthe rtesting. Since your T4 is good, you need to also test T3 and Reverse T3. Good T4 coupled with low T3 indicates a conversion issue (mostly caused by low cortisol) and results in RT3 pooling.


so i go to my appointment in a couple hours hopefully someone will tell me if I'm missing anything. I'm sure this GP is going to talk me down and send me to an ENDO.

but let me get this right:

LH and FSH
FT or biot-T
** i don't need a PSA or DRE because of my age?

Thyroid Labs:
T3 no see ft3 (can someone tell me what no see fT3 means)
T4 no see fT4 (same question as above.)

Adrenal labs
Cortisol (four sample saliva testing)
DHEA (no see DHEA-S) <--- whatever no see means?

and a test for vitamin D?

sorry if this is annoying I have little knowledge of hormones and the endocrine system and this all kinda happened out of no where and my follow up appointment is just really soon


I went to see a PA today.

she refused to look at my T3 or take any more thyroid labs.

she did say she would do
LH and FSH
Vit D
vit b12
CBC: complete blood counts

she might have done one or two others but off the top of my head that's it.

she is making me do a retest because since i can't remember if i was fasted for my first test they may be invalid.


Where do you see the "no see" info from? the stickey? may be a browser issue translating the text. Basically waht that means is you need ft3 and ft4 (Free) more-so than T3 and T4 (which are TOTAL, not FREE). Free values show the actual part of the hormone that does the work. Also get Reverse T3 as well in the thyroid labs if you can.

Same for DHEA-S vs DHEA. DHEA-S is the sulfate version and has a longer half life, so is a better indicator than the more pulsatile DHEA.

You may not get a 4 sample cortisol test. If you can, that's great. But a morning cortisol blood test is mostly sufficient and should tell us if there's a problem.

Word of advice is you may not want to focus on "lack of mass building" or "losing bodyfat" or other bodybuilding terms with your GP. Experience shows they seem to be put off from that from people seeking T treatment due to mass hysteria of the steroid legislation and scandals.


Oops looks like my post was too late. Your PA's reluctance to do her job is pretty common. You may want to find a more open minded doc who doesn't read from 1960's textbooks.

Fasting does't invalidate any of those tests. Glucose and CHOL tests are the only ones that require fasting. If she was better at her job, she would know that.


sigh, finding another doctor may be hard. I'm in the army so I don't know if my insurance will cover it.

it is wierd to me that my tests came back so low. I have had little trouble gaining muscle. Most of my issues are in strength and body fat.

In fact most people ask me if im on the juice.

on my follow up I will push for the thyroids.
anything i could say to convince her because when i told her today she told me they've already been done and cut me off from finishing. Then said if the tests she asked for came back and needed more looking at she would send me to an endocrinologist


will the tests she asked for tell me anything useful?


Lets cross that bridge when we get to it. In the meantime, check out www.stopthethyroidmadness.com

It is run by a bunch of hypochondriac women, but there is some good info on there relating to thyroid hormones and cortisol.


lol.... not sayin your wrong... it just made me laugh...


okay so i got a list of what blood was taken for this morning.


should i wait for these to come back to try to find another doctor or should i go ahead and find someone that will give me the T4 free/total, T3 free/total, Reverse T3 as well as the Cortisol and pregnenolone


IF you have symptoms of hypothyroidism, then yes I would get the blood tests sooner rather than later.


page one of labs


hopefully this works its a pdf of every page


guess the mass didnt work here is page 2 (may need to magnify page)


page 3