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Testosterone Test Results - TRT Question

Hi all,

I’ve now gotten two test results, which I’ll share below. The first was collected at 2:42 pm, the 2nd 2 pictures are from a test collected at 9 am a week later.

Male 28 years old, 5’10, 165lbs 15% bf.

The first thing that jumped out was total T coming up as 355 250-1100 ng/dl in one test and 536 264-916 ng/dl in a 2nd test. I know that Total test levels can fluctuate depending on when the sample is collected… I’m wondering if a 35% drop is strange?

Also, I’m new to all of this, why are the ranges for Free test different between tests? One was Sonora Quest and one was Lab Corp.

Aside from the results I wanted to bring up the reasons why I decided to get these tests and I’m interested if anyone can speak to these symptoms based on what look to be pretty reasonable results, especially from test #2.

I’ve spent the last 6 mo being extremely dedicated in the gym and observant of progress.
Over this period I’ve gotten sick 4 times. I’ve had days with absolutely horrible energy, mood swings, 0 optimism for life, snap anger when I have low mood / low energy.

This isn’t all the time, but its frequent enough that I’ve taken note.
I’ve also had zero results in the gym. I always meet my protein number but I fluctuate on hitting macros and carbs…I just changed this.

I’m interested to get some feedback.


No this is not strange, Test is highest in the morning after you wake up and then it drops throughout the day. This is why the test has to be done as early as possible after waking up.

Each lab has their own range for “normal”. These ranges can vary wildly for identical tests and vary again based on the analytical method as well.

Depending on your age, your test levels look good on the AM test. Your LH/FSH are mid range just like the T so looks well there. Your Thyroid looks great, ideal is advocated here with a TSH of 1.0 but your very close so being nearer to 1.0 may bring a marginal benefit. Your RBC and WBC are on the low end of “normal” implying you may be low on iron (RBC). Being anemic can cause many of the symptoms you are describing.

Awesome! Thanks for all the info…
I looked into iron deficiency. I read that it would lead to low levels of hemoglobin and in lead to the symptoms I am experiencing. Although my hemoglobin looks like its on the high side?

Should this still be a concern, I could up the iron rich foods and see if I find a difference.


Keep an eye on your reverse T3. Your fT3 to rT3 ratio is sub optimal. Might be something that’s contributing to your low energy. Your rT3 may be slightly higher than it would otherwise be because of hard training and/or hard training combined with dieting.

Your free T is mid range which may not be enough for you. Natural levels peak in the morning and decline throughout the day. Overall your natty levels are decent but not awesome (unless you are 50, in which case your natty levels are awesome).

How old are you?
Have you taken oral body temperatures throughout the day?

Just as a side note, when I was in my early 20’s my total test and free test levels were just like yours. I had a clean diet and lifted regularly. I made more gains in the first 2 months of trt (free test 27pg/mL [8-35 range] at trough) than I did lifting and eating clean for years combined as a natty (free test 15pg/mL [8-35 range] at peak, first thing in the morning). Kept lifting and diet the same pre and post trt. So take that as you will.

Oh yea…I’ll go edit the main post.
I’m 28 years old! haha so frustrating these are good numbers for a 50 year old.

Did you go on TRT with those numbers?

I’m concerned that no Endo is going to put me on with a morning reading of 530.

Thanks for the info on fT3 and T3, I’ll look into it.

I had to wait until I was 30 for my total t numbers to decline into the mid 300’s and free t to take a nosedive as well before I could go on trt. I wish there wasn’t such a bad stigma associated with testosterone so I wouldn’t have wasted so much time waiting for a specific number (whether it’s age or serum testosterone concentration) to get treatment for my symptoms. Unfortunately that’s the reality we live in today.

There will be some people that will say your numbers are great and you should be happy with them. That you will get tired of sticking yourself with a needle for so many years to come. I say that it gets even more tiresome to live feeling sapped of vitality, struggling with everyday life in your 20’s and 30’s. This forum in particular isn’t so bad. The idiots on reddit seem to think that if your natty test is over 400 then you’re just looking for an excuse to hop on the sauce for gainz. I’ve seen some say that you won’t feel much of a difference between 500 ng/dL and 800 ng/dL. First hand experience tells me that’s far from true. There is a massive difference between 300 ng/dL and 800-1000 ng/dL but there is still a huge difference between 500 ng/dL and 800-1000 ng/dL.

There may be ways for you to raise your natural production without committing to trt or any exogenous substances by adjusting your lifestyle, etc. I don’t have any tips when it comes to that. It didn’t work for me. Someone else with a more positive experience who got results from a lifestyle adjustment should share their experience.

I really appreciate the feedback and I agree. I’ve seen a lot of talk that going from 300-500 to 800-1000 really wont make much of a difference but like you said I don’t think a lot of people are experiencing the effects of low T. Really looking forward to finding a solution. I think I’ll spend the time going to some Endos and see if there are any that would qualify me for TRT. Sick of always being tired living sapped of vitality, struggling everyday.

What age were you when you got on and how beneficial has it been for work outs?
I’ve been stuck at 165 lbs for years. When I eat excess cals, I put on fat and retain a bunch of water. I’m not saying my diet is perfect, because its not. Just got myself on a stricter cleaner diet.