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Testosterone Test Results Came Back

So I had blood work done with my Dr… all my results were good the only result that hadn’t come back yet was my testosterone… Any how she refilled my 200 mg cyp. I later got a call from the pharmacy that they would not be sure how soon they could fill it for reasons blah blah blah… I called to have my Dr transfer it to another pharmacy and I got told that she would not… apparently by this time my results were in and my testosterone levels were over 3100… right now my current cycle has been 500 mg of test cyp. And 300 mg of deca… I do 250 mg of test on Sunday along with 300 of deca and 250 of test on Wednesday… I happen to do my blood work Wednesday maybe 2/3 hours after my injection… getting to the point… sorry… would my current cycle be responsible for the high test results or would the timing of blood work and injection be the culprit?? Any help would be appreciated… thanks…

I’m not sure what you’re asking. But any bloodwork done by a doctor should be done off cycle for risk of losing your prescription, or worse, your insurance. Your levels were high because of your dose. But if you’re using a short ester like propionate or acetate that will also cause blood levels to spike only a hour after injection.

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Did you really do trt blood work while on a blast? If so, I think you should also be screened for cognitive issues. Kinda being a dick, but that is really stupid.


That’s not being a dick… that’s pointing out the obvious… I should probably feel like a dick for asking a stupid question…I don’t know why this didn’t resonate in my head…

Well, you could try saying you thought the script was for twice a week if it is for once a week or something to that order.

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I threw a small fit and demanded a retest…lol she was fine with it… but I’m gonna become suddenly “super busy at work for the next”… I don’t know… how long do you think?.. I think I have one more shot of deca then I’m gonna drop down to my cruise for a couple months


5-6 weeks of normal dosing to come back to a TRT level. Maybe less if you just stop injecting anything instead of returning to normal dose.

I don’t want to go extreme the other way but I’d like to get back down to below 1000.

Figure the half life is about a week. You tested at 3100. A week with no pinning from that point would have you around 1550. Two weeks without pinning would have you at about 775.

Everyone metabolizes test differently, so only use the above as a rough guide. I would wait about 10 days from the time you were at for the 3100 test result without pinning if you want 1000.

Additionally, the time to start a cycle if you are on doctor monitored trt is after you pull labs. This way you can get in a proper cycle, and have time for your body to normalize for the next set of labs.

That’s great advice… thank you sir! I told my Dr I had about 5 weeks of test left before I would need refill. So I’ll probably do my last deca, cut back to trt and skip a week prior to having blood work done