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Testosterone Test- My First


I getting my level checked this coming Monday 6/6/9. I'm 44. I hope the doctor will prescribe Androgel. Is there anything I can say to him that will help me get this prescription?

I am so tired of wasting money on stuff that is suppose to raise my T levels but does not. I took the Andros test that is on line and I answered 6 yes out of ten. What should my level be? I think its suppose to be between 400 and 800 if it is still in the range of let say 400 will I still be able to get the doc to give me something to raise it some more. I do appreciate all info..


It depends on your doctor, as far as what your level should be that is a purely an individual thing. I had mine done and it was in the low 400’s. My doctor said I was within range and didn’t need anything.


Some doctors say if you’re in range, that’s good enough.(which sucks) Google the “ADAM Questionarre” and see how many you answer yes to. Take that to your doctor to convince him or her.
That should help to get the door open.


I got my results back today I was surprised! They say normal range was 232 to 800 mine was at 172 they say my level is low. I go back on the 15th to talk to the doctor about this and see what option are open to me.Any suggestions.


Is there a reason you “prefer” androgel? The stuff is really expensive and if your thyroid isn’t perfect, you will likely have absorption problems because of it.
Shots are sooooo easy, and as far as I know always absorbed more completely. Granted they are a pain in the ass (pun intended) but shots don’t rub, sweat, or wash off…
I didn’t like the shots at first; but after the quality of my life drastically improved, I then thought “What was all the fuss about”?
If your doc does give you a-gel and that works for you, then hope you get 10mg’s a day to restore youthful levels until you find the right dose for you.
Your life will get better day by day from now on as long as you keep your E2 in check. Otherwise, you’ll feel a little better, a lot better, fantastic, and then like crap.
Get your E2 tested as soon as possible, and then every two or three months to stay at the top of your game.
Good luck.


Thanks Knb I am going with the shots. My I ask what E2 is? I am just learning about all the terms that has to deal with this issue.


[quote]Ben641964 wrote:
Thanks Knb I am going with the shots. My I ask what E2 is? I am just learning about all the terms that has to deal with this issue.[/quote]

Start here:


[quote]SteelyD wrote:
Ben641964 wrote:
Thanks Knb I am going with the shots. My I ask what E2 is? I am just learning about all the terms that has to deal with this issue.

Start here:


Thanks for informing me about that thread was very helpful.


Although some will argue with what I about to say, i’ll say it anyway; Total T level is important;
Total T to E2 ratio is really the most important (discounting Free T).
A man could have a TT number of 5000, but if his E2 was 500 his life would still suck as the androgen receptors could eventually lose the battle to the high circulating E2.

A 10:1 ratio of T to E2, isn’t any good whether it’s 400 to 40, or 4000 to 400.
Provide SHBG is low and Free T% isn’t, a T score of 400 would still be “productive” as long as E2 was kept in the low 20’s.
I have an older friend (late 50’s) that has to watch his T levels stay in the 500 or so range, otherwise his body starts reacting negatively. I have another friend that is slightly younger, and only when he is way north of 1000 does he feel “normal”. So it really is a personal thing when it comes to T levels… Sort of.


SHBG bound T is inert. This line of thinking might be better addressed with Bio-T:E2 ratios. If T receptors are not functioning well or been process properly once activated [aging], then one will need a higher level of FT. E2 also binds to SHBG. Perhaps FT:FE2 [free E2] would be an interesting concept [but impractical from a labs point of view].

The TT:E ratio is useful, but does not address the effects %FT and SHBG variations.

One factor is that SHBG has more binding energy for T than E and SHBG increases with age. I can’t find out if that is from E2 increasing with age or a process independent of the effects of E2 on SHBG.

From a practical point of view, all one needs to do is manage E2 to get near E2=22pg/ml. [We have one guy who reports better libido with E2 in the 30’s.]