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Testosterone T3 Question


I am planning on running a 12 week cycle for fat loss.
Weeks 1-3 300 mgs test cypionate, 250 iu's of hcg EOD, 1mg of Arimidex split throughout the week.
Week 4-9 350 mgs test cypionate, 250 iu's of hcg EOD, 1.5 mg's split throughout the week. T3 starting at 25 mcg's ramping up to 75-100 mcg's then back down to 25 mcg's.
Weeks 9-12 350 mg's test cypionate, 250 iu's hcg EOD. 1.5 mg's Arimidex split throughout the week.
I will continue to take HCG for one week after my last injection
Tapering off Arimidex before my PCT
2 weeks after my last injection of test
week 1 30 mg's nolvadex every day
week 2-3 20 mg's nolvadex every day
week 4 10 mg's nolvadex every day

Anyone have any suggestions or corrections? I was also thinking about taking a very small amount of propecia to prevent any hair loss. Is 350 mg's of test cypionate enough to prevent any muscle loss from the T3? Also should I start of with a higher dose of test and taper down? Is once a week injection sufficient or should I spread it out to 2 shots per week?
Any feedback or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


I would really appreciate it if someone could please offer me any advice.


OK, if the aim of the cycle is to lose fat then your diet is the most important thing.

Have you used AAS before? Have you read the stickies? Can you please tell us your age, stats and training history and an example of your diet?

Why are you doing 300mg Test cyp the first 3 weeks then going up to 350mg the 4th week? Why are you going up to 1.5 mg Adex a week for an extra 50mg test a week. Keep adex on hand but I think 0.5mg adex a week will be enough for 350mg test a week, I used that amount (0.5mg a week split into two doses) on 800mg test a week and I had pre existing gyno.

500mg test a week for 10 weeks would be better. The test also need to be done E3D. I would front load the first 2 weeks also with 750-1000mg.

500IU of HCG a week is fine and should be done in 2x 250IU shots.

I haven't used T3 so cannot comment.

Please reply with the requested information and we'll be able to offer more advice.
For PCT I would just use 40MG Nolvadex ED for 30 days.


I'm 32 years old. I did a cycle back in my early 20's and at the time didn't know anything about PCT and lost pretty much everything I gained and more. I'm 6'0 205 about 15% body fat. I've been training on and off for the last 12 years. Lifting and cardio usually at least 2 days a week on average. I eat really clean. All my carbs come from whole grains. I eat lots of lean protein. Usually at least 200 grams per day.

I have read a ton of information on AAS. Sometimes it seems like the more I read the more confused I get. It seems like everyone has a different opinion on Arimidex dosing and HCG dosing. I have 3000 mg's of test cypionate. I'm tyring to cut off the last 10 pounds or so of stubborn fat. The reason I was going ramp up to 350 week 4 is because that's when I was going to start taking the T3. Do you think I'm better off taking larger doses early and tapering down? Thanks for your help.


Theoretically, 300-350 mg of Test is very low for someone at 6'0". Especially trying to offset 75-100 mcg of T3. At 205 lbs with 15% of fat you do not have much muscle to spare. Well, at least in my opinion. I can not speak out of my own experience, but according to Bill Roberts it is very difficult to offset T3 above 50 mcg a day.
If you'd be my client I would insist to drop the whole idea, or add something non-estrogenic like 600-800 mg of Primo a week, and use T3 at 25-50 mcg max.


or run low dose test prop with higher tren ace and drop the whole t3 idea altogether.


Also, at 100 mcgr of T3 you will be eating trees and small animals on the street :slightly_smiling:


T3 at 50mcg/day is more than enough.

And the hcg, how come you have decided to run it at 250mcg eod as opposed to 250mcg 2x/week?
And I believe you can run the hcg up to 4 days prior to your pct.


If your going to shut down your HPTA system, why do it with a half-ass dosage. Why are you pyramiding your test and shooting HCG so often? If you've been reading "a ton" of information about AAS and are proposing this, I suggest you find a new source of information.


just thought I'd shoot you some facts about T3, that came straight from Bill.

T3 half life 3 days.
full replacement dose is 25mcg/day, meaning your thyroid would shut down with this dose.
going past 50mcg is a waste.
12.5 mcg (half your tab) won't shut you down and you can reap the benefit of a full replacement dose with your natural thyroid still kicking.

meaning...if you take 50mcg..by day 3 you are looking at something like 120-150mcg in your system.

even with pharm grade T3 I dont notice too much muscle loss if staying below 25mcg, at the same time you're making sure your thyroid is up to speed and the test will prevent some muscle loss too.

IMO don't go over 25mcg.


I would personally frontload 1 gram of test on your first injection followed by 250mg same day and go 250mg 2xp/wk. The hcg will b fine @ 250iu 2p/wk as well. Keep the T3 dose low!! Between 12.5 and 25mcg is plenty. Trust me, you will need your thyroid later in life. I personally would use a cutting aas cycle instead, but irs your body. You should atleast run the test at 500 p/wk since you are going to shut down your hpta. Might as well make it worth the trouble.

IMO cyp isn't the greatest cutting agent. Don't over do the adex. Estrogen can be very beneficial. .5 p/wk should be good. If and only if you experience sides bump it to .25 eod and go from there. This is all purely my opinion and what I would do based on experience. Good luck buddy!


let me get this straight...

25mcg a day will shut your thyroid down but 12.5mcg a day will not?

how long are talking for shutdown to occur?

i think i remember reading either Bill Roberts or one of those Drug-Dragon articles where it said 8 weeks of T3 shouldnt cause thyroid shut down but i dont remember a dose... will look it up


and now after a bit of research, im seeing answers any where from 25 mcg a day will cause permanent shut down is a myth

i dont know how credible the posters were in the forums i got that info from, but can any of the experienced guys comment?


no thyroid should rebound to normal within a week after last dose.


25 being a replacement means it will shut it down


Thanks for all your responses. I really appreciate all your help. I will keep the T3 dose at 25 mcg per day and see how that works. I will also try to get my hands on some more test cyp to run 500 mgs per week. This is my 3rd week taking the test. Would I be fine if I upped my dose at this point?