Testosterone Switch Over to HCG Monotherapy. How Do I Know it's Working?

I was doing 100mg test cyp every friday for 13 fridays straight.I’ve injected 500iu HCG 3x so far since making the switch.

My balls look like they’ve dropped and penis longer and fuller.Is this normal considering my switch? What else do I look for?

I think I may have damaged when mixing it so that’s why I’m asking.

Increased testicular size would indicate the hCG is working.

Fuller penis bigger testes. Oh yes. It’s workng!

I always knew exogenous test makes testes smaller however I didn’t know it makes penis smaller as well.

I don’t do it HCG. And penis is full. Maybe your e2 was on the low end and HCG helped bring it up.
Low e2 ur penis looks like it’s crawling in

Pharmacy said it isn’t damaged as it should be clear and not foggy so thanks guys

How do I close a thread once a question been andweree so members don’t waste their time posting?

You don’t. It’s fine as-is. Someone else may have more info to offer and/or they may have follow-up questions of their own.