Testosterone Suspension

Does anyone out there have an affective method of squeezing every last drop of suspension out of a syringe. I’m using suspension by Eurochemlabs (EC). When I do manage to get the stuff in the strenght & size gains are nothing short of amazing!Can it be safely mixed with oil or could this be counter productive since the oil might slow down the release of the suspension?

draw a 1/2 cc of an oil base first then the suspension, the oil based stuff helps to clear the syringe as you inject ; or so i have heard

I had no doubt that by placing an oil based steroid behind the suspension in a syringe would ensure that it all passed through the syringe what I still want to find out is whether this is safe to do, and if not, what would I be asking for if he went along with this method of administration.

Its fine bro, its done all the time. A short acting oil like tren acetate makes for a nice little stack to use along with the suspension as well.