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Testosterone Suspension

Maybe I’m just naive but I haven’t really heard a lot about Test Suspension until recently. I’ve read that’s a painful shot but with crazy results and good to use as a pre-workout.

Anybody have any direct experience? @physioLojik, @Basement_Gainz, @flipcollar, @jackolee, @iron_yuppie

I’ve used TNE, (testosterone no ester, not during my 250mg/wk period tho, more when I was given sus 250mg e3w and I couldn’t handle the nadirs so I used it on some days when I felt absolutely shite), I think the highest dose I’ve ever pinned at once was 30mg I believe, it def gives a quick boost, although if you’re going UGL I would go with oil based test no ester as water based gear has a much higher chance for bacterial contamination (as the environment is more… bacteria supporty than an oil base).

Now as to the PIP, it depends on you’re pain tolerance, I don’t find test prop all that painful despite the fact it leaves massive red marks, pthers can’t even inject the stuff. I only find it significantly painful when I have really bad reactions to primoteston/sustanon… which is often… shot my shoulder yesterday and it’s all swollen now like always. Crazy results depends, it’s just faster acting test, 70mg/wk is the rough equiv to 100mg test e/wk, so if you pin 100mg/day you’re practically using a gram of longer estered test/wk.

Thanks for the reply. I’ve been wondering about it a lot lately and thought it might be something to try. I also read that the aromatization be bad since its so fast acting.

Test is test, aromatisation is the same, the difference is the massive peaks and hormonal fluctuations you get with unesterified test. The half life of unesterified testosterone is like four hours, now I know if suspended in an aqueous solution, the crystals create a depo in the body after being injected, allowing it to be released over a slightly longer period of time, the half life still isn’t particularly known, as there is a lack of scientific literature on it. In horses it seems as if the half life can be around 5 days, however I’d gander the half life is between 12-24 hours, probably closer to 12. For unesterified test based in oil, I’m not sure what the half life would be, it’d be very individual with regards to how one metabolises and eliminates the drug (same with water based suspension), however the half life is still gonna be very short. When you inject test suspension, you get this MASSIVE massive MAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSIVE peak, think about it this way, you shoot 100mgs of test E and peak at like 600ng/dl of something, you shoot 100mg’s test suspension and 30 mins later you’re at 10,000ng/dl (this might be an over exxageration, but you get my point), while it doesn’t aromatise anymore than regular test, with concentrations of 10,000ng/dl you’re bound to have WAY more conversion to estrogen, and then by the end of the day you’re back down to like 2500ng/dl, now this doesn’t particularly mean test suspension is “more potent” or anything like that, if you were to inject 70mgs of test suspension and 100mg of test E and map out hormone levels over a seven day period, mean/median levels would probably be nearly identical. The short lived, yet huge peaks probably do make side effects more likely.

The reason for the peak is because you must remember esterified test is released over a prolonged period of time, unesterified test is more or less dumped into the body all at once lol. Tis great (in my experience) for the ol peniseroo, could be placebo effect tho, it seems like TNE gets me excited (both sexually and in general makes me antsy, probably due to CNS stimulation)

hope this helps (and whether this post helps assumes I’m correct regarding my notions toward the pharmacology of unesterified testosterone lol)

I’ve got nothing brother! Sorry man. Now I’ve got something new to read about though. Thanks

I have run a few bottles of TNE in oil myself. When I first bought them I had read a home remedy on how to use it to combat either Deca dick post cycle or just post cycle Ed issues. Basically take a shot about an hour before activity and you should be ok, but I never used it like that. (Seemed really counter productive especially during PCT)
I ended up using it as a pre workout at the end of a cycle. I felt a surge, mind you it was at the end of a cycle after having pretty sustained high levels of test for weeks. At the end of my long estered cycles I switch over to prop for three weeks so I can roll right into PCT when the prop is done. During those weeks I used the TNE, usually at 50 mgs about an hour or so before workout. Again there was a surge but it wasn’t anything crazy. I was using the oil dissolved TNE not water suspension TNE.

As far as I understand it, the water suspended TNE is supposed to have a shorter half life yet I have read that since the test is still in crystaline form that slows down it’s absorbtion. Mind you these are teenie tiny crystals.
The oil dissolved TNE is supposed to have a longer half life because it is dissolved in oil. Yet both water and oil TNE are listed as being terminal or dead at 24 hours, so any difference in half life is minimal.

I personally think the water suspended would give a better surge for use as a pre workout. I have never used the TNE in water but I have used winny in oil and winny in water. The oil seemed to give a better finished product I assume because it kept a more steady level in the blood but the water suspended definitely gave a better workout on the day’s I pinned. I was pinning EOD back then before I really understood and appreciated why ED makes a world of difference even if you stay at the same total weekly dosage just pinned ED vs EOD.

All that said I would stay away from anything UGL that is in water, just way to easy to get an infection. If you feel compelled to try water suspended TNE then I would either see if actual pharmacutical gear is available and comes in ampules or learn to home brew then test your suspension on some oblivious douchebag you hate. JK :wink: With the infections I have seen water suspended winny give I would actually trust a home brew that I could watch and verify it being sanitary as possible over some trusted UGLs water suspension. (Test or winny suspension)

Awesome. This is exactly what I was hoping for. Thank you brother!

I’m not sure this qualfies as a UGL. Supposed to be a pharmacy out of Canada.

Another question: one product is listed as Test Suspension and one as Test Base. Do you know what the difference might be?

Suspension is typically water based crystallized test, and test base is typically oil based unesterified testosterone

Go for the oil if you can’t get pharm or vet grade water based (very few pharmacies still make this)

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So what’s your plan? At 17 years and 11 months, you’re already a freaking genius. You plan on going into medicine? or biochem?

You’ve got a gift little brother. Don’t let it go to waste.

Medicine, wanna be an endocrinologist or a pain specialist, endo is my preferred career though. This is what I’ll be aiming for unless something totally random and unforeseeable pops up that makes me change my path.

Probs do a degree before med then go into a post-grad med course. In Aus the grades needed for undergrad medicine are ridiculous, like a 98% average plus to get in undergrad. This isn’t to say I couldn’t do it, I’d just have to sacrifice any amount of life I have, and without balance I’d probably burn out quickly, therefore I’m willing to wait a little bit longer.

@physioLojik, you’ve got an intern waiting in the wings ready to be the next PhysioLojiK

I forget where I read it but suspension is supposed to be used to differentiate the oil vs water carrier. Suspension is supposed to mean water as the carrier. Something to do with the technical pharmacutical definition of suspension vs dissolved. Test enanthate is dissolved in oil. Winny is suspended in water (hopefully bacteriostatic water).

If your getting stuff from Canada made in Canada that is a good sign and chance they are taking proper sterilization steps. When I say made we all know most of the raws come from china but in this case made in Canada means processed and packaged in Canada.

If you are going with suspension meaning in water then really really really make sure it is in ampules. Supposedly there for a while only real pharmacutical gear came in amps but it is different now. It is still very important to get it in amps even if it is UGL suspension. Simply put suspension in a bottle, even if you could get a 10cc from the pharmacy made by phizer suspension, is just all to easy to allow bacteria growth. Even if the seal remains entact once you put in the first needle for your shot that seal is broken. I am not completely knowledgeable on how and why bacteriostatic water hinders bacteria growth but I do know that its hindering traits wear off. Then it is just water. Plus I think the machines that package the stuff into amps might add in another sterilizing step. Then it is sealed in glass until you open and use. So even if the water COULD let bacteria growth, there is no way for it to grow being sealed the way it is. So each shot remains sealed and sterile in it’s own amp until right before you use it.

I know I got long winded but I had to bring a buddy to the doctor to get abcesses drained. This was before I used gear and I almost started using on the order that this happened. He got a bottle of winny, took one shot in one butt cheek waited two days, took the second shot in the other butt cheek and then by the time he went to take the third I brought him to the doctor instead. He had just under one ounce of puss in one cheek then over 1.5 ounces in the other cheek. The doctor had to cut into him to pull out the puss. I could hear him in the waiting room of the ER and his room was way down the hall. It was probably a real shitty batch because a simple infection doesn’t grow like that and he had used this labs gear before. Needless to say that because I almost bought and used the same batch with him for my first run, it took years before I got the nerve to jump.

If it is suspended I would get it in amps. Mind you Canadian labs should be sterile either way.

Thank you brother. What an awesome write up

so… what’d it look like?

Did he tell the doc he was using anabolic steroids? Or was it the ol “I had a bad reaction to vit b12 shots”

I was not in the room when the doctor did his thing. The “under one ounce” and the “almost 1.5 ounces” came from the doctor weighing the gause afterwards, so I am sure some of the weight was blood. I remember asking him afterwards how he knew the amount that was taken out. I was picturing like a giant pimple head but kind of like a blob of jelly like consistentcey or something like a boil. From what he told me it was just oozing puss. The ER was in a town the size of about 40-50’000 people so it wasn’t huge but it wasn’t small. I could hear him wincing all the way in the waiting room, he only screamed a couple times. I saw the incisions after he was sewn up, they were about an inch or so long. For some reason I want to say they had to pack gause into the abcesses but this was give or take ten years ago.

We were a few years out of college and both worked with oil exploration. Even though we worked in the courthouse and worked in the white collar end of the oil industry in these towns they would see us as oil field rough necks when we went out. The rough necks are known for rowdy behavior and often end up with legal issues. We are from a larger city where we knew guys at the gym that had to go into local doctors for steroid related issues. Being in this small town I was half expecting the police to show up and yes he did tell the Dr what was going on. Being where we were from if we were home we knew the Dr.s there would not think it a big deal but in that little remote Bible belt country-ish town I was worried. I thought I was going to get questioned because they knew I had brought him. I was actually pissed at him for being honest with the Dr because I would be associated with it for bringing him to the ER. But no issues with authorities, except his wife…she was out of town when he went to the ER and had neglected to tell her he was starting a cycle.

Normally guys just get sick from winny so who knows what was going on with the bottle or batch. I have known of guys having a doctor go in and remove a small “particle” they accidentally injected 1.5 inches into their ass with contaminated gear and those abbcesses were not nearly as bad as this guy. I remember him complaining about how the first injection hurt more than usual the day after the first shot but he just figured it was normal. He was convinced he just had a weird one time reaction because he had used the UGLs gear before without issue. He even offered to give me the rest of his winny…We found out later he had gotten into opiods so he could have been using them when this happened and that could have covered some of the pain leading him to think it was ok to take the second shot. And the opiods could explain his thought process.

I had another friend who gave himself an infection via winny. About halfway through a bottle he took a shot and part of it came back out when he removed the needle from his skin. Since half of the shot came back out he just went ahead a took a second shot right then and there, with the same syringe. About a week later he had infections at every injection site he had injected into since the day of two shots. In that case the used syringe obviously contaminated the bottle. I remember he had infections in bolth shoulders and I want to say one glute. His infections were mild enough that antibiotics took care of them.

Opiate abuse/ prolonged use does supress the immune system, therefore if the gear was contaminated with bacteria, his body may not have been able to fight it off. One of the problems with UGL’s (esp not well known ones) is that batches can be inconsistent, there was a UGL here (can’t name) that recently pulled an exit scam earlier this year and his last batch of gear (and he was known to have VERY good gear, great blends, high doses etc) made many people sick, and appeared to be bunk (the exit scam came right after someone showed his 300mg/ml primo wasn’t actually primo I believe haha), then what I assume to be the same person set up another UGL later this year and it appears to have pulled another scam.