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Testosterone Suppression on Sarms

Hey guys!

I’m pretty sure topics like this were already made, but I still have some questions and didn’t find the right answers.
So I ran an osta cycle on 25mg ed for 8 weeks and clearly saw some results.
I was feeling really suppressed the last two weeks and had my blood values checked. Testosterone was suppressed and I had signs of anaemia due to the lack of testosterone. Now I’m asking myself if it is possible to run nolva (SERM) along the SARM for the next 2 weeks, to raise the Testo a bit and then do a PCT with Nolva only.
I’m most interested in Tamoxifen/Nolva and if you can use it during the last week’s of the cycle to raise your testo. Or is it not possible to lower/end the suppression while your still on a SARM…

Have a nice day guys!

No. Finish your SARM then do a PCT.