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Testosterone Supplementation for an 18 Y/O?

Is it not advisable to take a testosterone booster at 18? I’m not trying to do anything crazy, but I found one that had pretty much stellar ratings all the way through and I’m really really considering purchasing it. I have test levels of 478 ng/dL (and no armpit hair, little facial hair, and very little body hair other than my pubes and legs). I already workout regularly, eat healthy, and sleep normally.

You could get all of those things separately in useful quantities for less money. It’s a terrible idea to start taking that many different things all at once in one pill. If you react negatively you don’t know to what, if you react positively you don’t know to what. And it has the typical supplement amounts of not enough of anything to do anything.

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Those Test boosters from what I’ve read aren’t going to increase testosterone at all and you are buying a placebo effect, the claims made by some of those companies are unbelievable and outrageous.

Thes best way to increase testosterone is through lifestyle changes, focus on diet, the right amount of excersise and get 8 hours of sleep. The lack of body hair also has a genetic component, it’s not entirely hormonal.

Next time you should test more than just Total T, you need to have an idea where your Free T levels are. You should use the equilibrium dialysis or ultrafiltration testing methods and refrain from using the direct immunoassay for Free T results.

You can also test for SHBG and calculate the Free T and Free T percentages, I like to test both the Free T and SHBG, that way I can compare the calculated with the direct measurement.

Many of the testosterone booster products are laced with anabolic steroids and/or DHEA. I know some who have failed drug tests because of OTC supplements. I also know guys who have put on significant size and gained significant strength with some of these supplements. They’re not all that cheap, so they will have to work if they want you to continue buying them and that is how. Check the label for “Proprietary Blend*+”. That “blend” is trademarked and the content is what they won’t tell you.

im sometimes using 12 days of DAA ( d-Asphartic acid ) i really like this product. it help my natural test to product at his max. taking 2 weeks off using tribulus 1500 in the morning 1500 mid pm. and then going back to DAA for 12 days etc…

I dont think that tribulus and DAA ever kill someone. You should try them. it worth a shot.

Correct. Not a good idea.

You’re training with a terribly designed routine and I’m gonna make a leap to say your nutrition needs equal improvement. Fix those before anything else.

What, exactly, did you eat yesterday?


heavy deadlifts + go to sleep early