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Testosterone Storage

Hi there, i was hoping someone would be able to answer this question…

So ive been using testosterone, different blends. and since i travel between US and Canada, i have my Canadian bottles in canada and my own stock in the US so i can keep using it without needing to travel with them across the boarder.

my question is, i can’t always have a finished bottle as my travels vary due to my job. I heard that after opening a bottle of test it should be good to use for a month after opening.

The thing is sometimes i have to leave a half full bottle in either country, until i am back to use it again (around 3 months opened bottle).

Now people have told me not to worry about it elsewhere, but that is just bro science… I would assume that if you are very clean, and use the drawing needle only once per use, and try to be as sanitary as possible (using alcohol pads etc…) it would be okay to continue the usage after even 5 months after the bottle has been opened. Anyone have an answer to this?

I just needed a second opinion.

Thank you so much for your time reading :slight_smile:

You mean a multi dose vial? Not it definetely does not deteriorate for a month. You can store it as long as the expiration date says in a room temperature without issue. And the expiration date should be at east a year

It lasts a long time if it’s away from light and stored around room temperature.

Nope, according to pharmacists I have spoken with, it will be good even well beyond the expiration date, though potency may decline, it is only slightly.

This would be easily confirmed with a blood test.