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Testosterone Speculation

Hmm, okay, if nobody else is going to create the topic I guess I will.

What do you think Chris Shugart is talking about in his post? What upcoming thing is going to shock us? It isn’t supplements apparently.

Two example ideas…

  • Some kind of corporate reorg?

  • Franchising T gyms?

Could be…

  • A new website design
  • A new distribution policy, because on-line online was not the shit.
  • T-Mag going public (stock market)
  • T-Mag victim of a merger/acquisition
  • (Plug-celebrity name in here) line of products

Time to place bets ehehehee.

I think it’s going to turn into a pay site.

I hope it doesn’t turn to a pay site. I doubt that it will. If it does, they will find it hard to live down a “Bill Phillips” type sellout. I think too much of these guys to believe that will happen.

I agree that they could be making the site a pay site. Given that the banner on the front page says “All Good Things Must Come to an End”. For me, finding this site 4 years ago and having it free was a very good thing.

The other foot is going to drop, and the rest of their product line will be direct, with even lower prices!?

Since they`ve gone the Direct way, charging would make sense.

The lower margins of Direct, if not compensated by volume, have to be paid somewhere. Specially if the customer critical mass has been attained.

What have they got to lose? Specially if they`re the only ones selling their products?

In a way, we asked for it…

Well I don’t know what they are gonna do but it is probably not going to become a pay site. This place gets a zillion hits constantly because it puts out the best information available (at least in my opinion). The huge number of hits creates a large potential market for biotest products. These guys are not dumb enough to intentionally cut out a huge percentage of possible customers by requiring people to pay to hear the sales pitch. Additionally it seems that they are very successful so far, making it a pay site is a fundamental change and would essentially make it a differant place. I think a big mistake.

Well there is going to be a site design, didn’t CS just mention that in the T-Jack update.

Whether we will see it as 'good thing or ‘bad thing’ may well mean that it become s pay site with even lower supp prices.

I am still undecided as to whether i would pay.

More wild and crazy theories…

  • T-trainer certification program.

  • Celebrity spokesperson.

  • Mainstreamificaton… less hardcore.

  • Personalized nutrition/workout logs.

  • Forum removal.

  • Forum moderaton removal.

I don’t particularly expect any of these things mind you…

What will the news be?

T-mag will become a pay site. But it must be done properly if it’s going to work, people have to think that they are doing a good thing rather than selling out, impossible you say? I don’t think so.

Here’s what I think they might do.

Keep weekly articles and access to back issues free (that way no one feels like they are losing out and the site continues to get hits from newbies). But for paying registered members there will be many goodies:

Access to special articles, only the most quick-ass stuff available anywhere!!!

Discounts on all Biotest products and free samples with every purchase!!!

Access to the forum where you can communicate with some of the best coaches available; these guys can charge $150/hour for their advice and you get it at no extra cost!!!

You also get a chance to get the latest and greatest training and nutrition related stuff out there such as:

Xvests weight vests
Heavy Grips grippers
Power Rings
FatTrack Gold bodyfat calipers
The Black Book of Training Secrets by Christian Thibaudeau
Accu-measure bodyfat calipers
BOA 2000 speed ropes
AccuFitness MyoTapes
The Book of Muscle by Ian King and Lou Schuler
Hydryx workout towels
Experiments v. Experience CD’s from Dr. Lowery
Nutrix shake mixers
No Nonsense Nutrition DVD from John Berardi
Sport Inhalers
Optimal Muscle Training interactive book and DVD by Dr. Ken Kinakin
Biotest Supplements
Training-Nutrition Manager software
Joe DeFranco’s Mastering the Football Combine Tests video
Books from DragonDoor publications
Ian King’s “Killer Leg Exercises” video
Charles Staley’s Physically Incorrect, The Ultimate Guide To Massive Arms, and the videos to his last boot camp.

And last but not least, register now and you get a free Testosterone t-shirt with a special new logo available only to registered paying members. When people see you with this T-shirt they will no you are BAD ASS!!!

How much would you pay for all these incredible stuff??? $300/year, well it would certainly be worth it but T-mag wouldn’t dream of charging you that much. $200, nope. No, you won’t even pay $100. Register now and pay only $39.95 for a one year membership. The first 500 members also get a free sample of a brand new super charged Biotest supplement that has yet to be released!!! Or better yet, get a life time membership for $149.95 and you get 2 free t-shirts, 2 free supplement samples, and $20 credit towards your next Biotest purchase!!!

So act now and start growing!!!

You never know might happen???

I said earlier that I thought this would turn into a pay site. Maybe not.

What do criminologists do when trying to catch a baby-killer? They think like a baby-killer.

There’s an angle here - we just have to find it… think like a baby-killer.

Chris Shugart ain’t right in the head. One should not derive pleasure from watching so many people panic.

I have to let the cat out of the bag: Fitness models are part of T-Jack (yes, you get to keep them).


Bob A - do you work for the Co.?

I don’t think it will become a pay site - I think they’d lose too much of the respect they’ve earned.

I am stumped by the tag line “all good things must come to an end” which certainly implies that the site will be changing in some perceived negative way…we’ll see!

They invited Ronnie Coleman to be the new executive editor. hehehe

Some of you guys are not looking at this entire matter correctly! Many of you had no idea how to train, or anything about nutrition until T-mag came on the scene. You have stated repeatedly how happy you are with them. However, many of you are claiming that you “will not pay” if it becomes a pay site.

Something is wrong with that attitude. Do you expect this sort of high level information regarding both nutrition and training to always be free? Tell me what else that is high quality and always there when you need it, that’s free? Think hard.

Personally, I don’t think it will become a pay site, but I wish that it would! It would keep a lot of the…shall we say, riff raff from coming in the door. You know the type, the guys who post about three times regarding there brothers girlfriend, or some other trivial matter. Flame you for no reason, and then they never add one single productive comment to “the nation.”

If a reasonable charge would keep them out, I’m for it! Also, if a reasonable charge would ensure a better profit margin for the owners of the site, I am for that too. As you know there is no reason for them to continue the great site if it is not profitable enough. This way we all win!

Take a look at what a typical Body Building mag. sells for on the stands. Do you, or did you, buy one each week, or once per month? I think they go for five or six bucks (I have not bought one in a long time). If they do go for about that, are you telling me you wouldn’t pay even $10 per month to be able to belong to the finest muscle building site on the Internet?

Since I have been posting I have personally felt an obligation to purchase nothing but Biotest products! Reason being that I want to be loyal to an incredible web site, (and they happen to be the best products on the market). I have learned a great deal from the site as all of you have, and I am simply grateful for the information. Simple as that!

(No I was not paid, given product, or asked to write this. This is my own opinion and I am not afraid to speak my mind-As most of you know)

I’m bumping ZEB’s comments, big-time!

I’ve gained over 12lbs of LBM solely due to this site (and my willingnes to alter my diet and training). My workout partners are doing well, but my gains have been the most obvious and impressive, and we all spend the same amount of time in the gym. Little things matter, and you learn about them here for free.

Best. Website. Period.

I agree with ZEB. If T-mag did become a paysite, I’d definately pay.

I was lucky enough to find this site early. Real early. Within a week of looking up information on weight training in fact. It has definately saved me hours and hours of wasted time in the gym over the 5 months that i’ve been training.

In those five months, no one at my school has made as much progress as me. Thats a good feeling, ya know?

This website truly kicks ass. I’d definately pay.

Im not really sure of all this stirr, but i know one thing. Its bullshit how we got to wait around to see what chris is talking about. I mean no disrespect but whats up? We got to wait like children…I hate secrets…But i;ll be waiting like the rest of ya…and by the way…If we had to pay i would…

Maybe they are going to axe the off-topic forum since it generates most of the friction and moderating effort? :open_mouth: