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testosterone Song of the week

I’m just posting this song because it’s definately a good song to have on your workout routine. I’m sure you will like it Akicita.

Genre: Industrial

Potency: 7 times as potent as Testosterone Comments: Great song for training, picnics and church.

Anyways any comments are welcome, here it is.


I am downloading that song now…

Naked FF chick eh? Nice… :smiley:

hahah there’s always someone who has to check the root directory. That’s cool cuz I do it all the time.
The FF chick aint bad for an computer animation, maybe they will replace real women some day haha…
Enjoy the song


[quote]chuckaboo86 wrote:


Why re-open an 8.5 year old thread for nothing? Jeez!


^makes opening this thread again worth it. AWWWWW!!!


^gross, aborted black babies