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Testosterone Shutdown


Hello, I need some help. Last September, I did a prohormone that was recommended by a friend of mine. I didnt do my homework and got the wrong PCT. I felt fine until about December and then started developing gyno which I still have and will probably have to get removed surgically.

In about February my libido went away and quit waking up with morning erections. I took Beast SuperTest, Horny Goat Weed and now Tribulus and nothing has helped. I went to the endo and he said that everything was "normal" because it fell within range (389 on a 250-860 scale) which I looked up and was the levels of a 70 year old man.

Since he refused to prescribe any therapy, I ordered some Clomid which should arrive sometime soon, I plan on doing 25 mg a day for about two months. My question is will this reverse my shutdown and increase my sex drive back to normal?


did you get estrogen tested?


Ya, messed up estrogen levels could be continuing to cause you problems with libido, and could also be suppressing your T production. This is definitely something you want to get checked, along with LH and FSH levels which will tell you if your pituitary is working. If LH and FSH are lowish then the pituitary isn't doing enough to cause T production from the testes. If this is the case then a SERM like Clomid might help you get rolling again, but you definitely want to look into the estrogen and see where you're at.

Start googling HPTA and get a grasp on how the system works, this will be your best tool in trying to pull your shit back together. Learn and ask intelligent questions about what you learn and guys'll help out


Ya I got all my levels tested, I took the prohormone back in September and got my bloodwork tested in May. The estrogen was actually kind of low which I found weird bc I developed gyno. And I know clomid is an estrogen suppressor but would taking it help my Test levels reach its normal levels? I have lost almost all libido, my testes dont feel as big and my ejaculate volume is a lot lower than it used to be. I just want to come out of this shutdown ASAP. I have done a ton of research but I just wanted to see what some people with some first hand knowledge think.


Not weird that E would be low by the time you got your bloods done, you developed gyno on cycle correct? This is bc your body was aromatizing the extra testosterone into estrogen, far more than your body is used to under natural circumstances - this can cause gyno, although prolactin can also be a major culprit. At the same time, the shit you were taking also shut down your natural testosterone production - it was just the unnatural T that you were putting in your body that was turning into E. When you went off this shit, your natural production did not resume at the level it is supposed to be running at - therefore you may have experienced gyno then, but your labs are now showing low E. This is because E comes from T which your body is not making enough of.

This is the kind of stuff very few people are going to spell out for you and you need to learn from the stickies.

I'm sure you feel you've done a lot of research but now it's time to step it up man. Luckily you've found this site, use it to find the answers to your questions - use the search bar to find other people's threads with similar conversations and similar issues to yours. Most importantly read the stickied threads at the top of the steroids and T-replacement forums, these will give you most of the knowledge base you need to ask the right questions. You need to show people here you have an understanding of how things work, no one here has the time or quite frankly even the interest to explain the absolute basics - this is what the stickies are for.

Example: You say you know about Clomid but you need to understand specifically how it works, at least the basics. YOU NEED TO UNDERSTAND THE HPTA AND WHAT PCT DRUGS DO. Read the SERM & AIs sticky in the steroids forum, and get cracking on the other stickies.


Alright I will do that, what do you personally think I should take to get things back to normal. I will also look at some other threads, but it sounds like you know your shit and I'd like your personal opinion of what I should do.


Good lord man, I can't possibly tell you what to do if you can't tell me what is going on with you and you don't know this until you learn some more. Start by listing your stats and blood test results - if you don't have these you need to get ahold of them, if you can't get ahold of them you need to get new ones done. Take matters into your own hands but be smart. Do yourself a favor and edit your first post to contain your stats and bloods, you're more likely to get some help that way.

Stickies are a must, but if you want a personal thread / case study to learn from you can try reading mine. I've tried to spell out most of the science, both to SHOW I UNDERSTAND, and so others can try to learn from my experience too. You can find it here: http://tnation.T-Nation.com/hub/Robert%20Paulson#myForums/thread/5163437/0

^^ Try to make your first post include the same kind of information I started with, but spare everyone the pointless details - no one wants to read that much, which I've learned the hard way.