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Testosterone Shot and Vaccine in Same Arm

So I did my normal injection of testosterone in the morning and went to the doc for the flu vaccine like an hour or so later. It skipped my mind that I had injected into my right upper deltoid and the nurse injected the vaccine into my right deltoid below the area that injected the test. There’s no reaction at the injection site but do you guys think it’s okay that it was in the same area? I should’ve gotten it in the other arm but it totally skipped my mind. Wondering if it’ll decrease either effectiveness or it would probably have no reaction. Thanks

It will not make any difference whatsoever. You may get a little more soreness than you’d otherwise have had, but that’s it.

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Good job man. Now your arm is gonna fall off.




The testosterone is going to react with the flu virus creating a super flu strain. There’s a 99% chance you are now a carrier of Sarscovidanthraxtestoflu-20. Be sure not to spread it to your loved ones

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No bro I’m sure you are totally fine.

Lmao okay guys I get it, I’m dumb as hell for thinking that haha

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