Testosterone Shirts

What do you guys think about this one? On the back, or on the sleeve (or somewhere), of the Testosterone shirts in smaller letters, put:
“…because a hard man is good to find.”
I know, not too original but appropriate I think!

But don’t must guys get hard after every three seconds? Oh wait, you’re talking about a different kind of hard.


If that’s put on it, I’ll actually buy one!

That shirt would probably go over well at Ramrod’s.

Agree with Demo. I ain’t looking for a hard man.

If they put that on it, I won’t wearing one.

What’s Ramrods? I assume it is a gay place or something. Yeah, I guess I didn’t think of the implications it might have in that respect. Just a thought though

how about they say T-man on the sleave written down or on the back??

I’m not sure if the T-mag staff are looking to change the shirts… but since Testosterone the hormone) is little understood by the donut eating, cola sucking public… and most people don’t understand what the T shirt means… “KNOWLEDGE IS POWER” would make a great tag line… it is not only appropriate, but what this site is all about! … It would also add even more mystic to the shirt

um…sure. i’m still waiting for the baby-t’s myself…

what about “Genetic Freak.”

How about writing “SubHuMaN_” on it?
Please dont wear it unless you’re hyoooge, dont want to make me look bad.
hehe kidding

Hmmm… not sure how you got into the name box Michelle… I think ie 5 auto complete pulled that up from a long time ago…

Hmmmmmmm how about “My big hairy balls aren’t hard to find”??? See where I’m going with the testosterone thing?? Hmmmmm aparently reading TC’s Atomic Dog is wearing off on me. :slight_smile:

Alright how about “Suck my t-weenie”
There we have it the winner.