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Testosterone Shirt Stories

I love wearing my Testosterone shirt in public. I wanted to hear other people’s stories of the reactions they get when they wear it. Here are a few of mine…

It brings hot chicks out of the woodwork. Fine ladies I haven’t seen since high school find me between classes somehow and say “Lookin’ good, Douggystyle” and give me a big hug. Today I had to pick my little sister up at her high school so I parked my car and walked up to the main entrance and sorta stood there. Within seconds a whole flock of probably-not-legal cuties walk right up to me, smile and say hi. The attention this shirt draws rules.

Also at school today I think it offended a guy. He walked past me and goes “nice shirt” so I say “hey thanks are you familiar with the website?” and he disgustedly replies “no!” and I say “its the best training and nutrition website ever” and his hunchback, skinny calves, no testosterone ass just walked off. Anyone else have any noteworthy shirt experiences?

I wish! I guess I didn’t make the cut for a free one, I might have to BUY one. Sheesh!
J/K eh.


Well, I actually have 3 of 'em,… .love 'em to death! They drape over my massive shoulders oh so nicely! (lol)

WHen people at my gym inquire as to the meaning, I usually reply that it’s a ‘List of Ingredients’ and then just continue my training.

Actually, I would guess that the number of ‘converts’ I’ve sent over here would be around 20 - 30 in the past year alone.

I’ll need to try that on high school girls.

Yeah but Clintpatty, we all know you’re 43! :wink:

Yeah, my Testosterone and Hot Rox shirts are definite babe magnets. In fact, I carry around one of those super-size Maglites in case I need to thwack people on the head and restore order to avoid people getting hurt…

Seriously, I was performing the Chad Waterbury overhead figure eights with my Testosterone T-Shirt on and got some really weird stares. And truthfully, most of the looks I get from people range from confused or disgusted looks from older women, to nods of approval from men…

I was with my 20 year old son at a car show in Cleveland. Was wearing the shirt and got hit on by three of the car models babes, Dad 3 Son 0,

Lil bastard told the wife when we got home to, son 1 dad 0 …

I used to get comments. Now people just look at me and run away all skurred.

Sometimes females say something. But still, they’re usually frightened. Too bad for them because I’m a nice guy :slight_smile:

They do have an effect on the ladies. My wife reads this stuff, so I won’t go into details. Suffice it to say I wish T-mag was around in my college days.

colin, lmao

Do they really call you “Doggystyle?” :D)

Nate’s gonna get jealous!

I usually only wear mine to the gym. I’ve gotten only a few compliments, mostly stares.

We did a Highland Games a few years ago sponsored by a local Biotest distributor, 8 big guys in kilts and Testosterone shirts… hard to tell if the shirts caused any attraction cause the kilt is such a chick magnet.

I wore mine to the Kiss/Aerosmith concert last week. Tons of looks, females chatting me up throughout, a couple of comments…

The shirt is cool, the chicks definitely dig it.


My football coach wanted to privately piss test me because I walked into camp wearing the shirt. Luckily that blew over.

Uhm, i bought an XL and i havn’t worn it yet, I don’t fit into it ha. So when i can fit into i’ll DESERVE to wear it. Until then gotta keep on keepin’ on.

I agree bobopunxs
I won’t buy one until I am fit to wear it.

…It’s like spandex - a priveledge not a right.

Got another comment the other day. I was walking along by myself and a random guy said:

“So, is it working for you?”

I replied, “Ask my girlfriend.”

I’m not sure if he understood what I meant. Bear belee dat it works in da bedroom. Actuallly, I can tell just walking around on campus.