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Testosterone Shirt on Discovery


Did anyone see the Testosterone shirt on the wrestling show on discovery "Inside Pro Wrestling School" tonight after Supersize She, well I did. So, if you did happen to be on the show that showed on discovery and you are on this forum still speak up.


"Smelly" Mark Bell - He bro Mike Bell was also on the show.


yeah I saw it too, but I still think the most amazing Testosterone shirt sighting was the bum on the freeway off-ramp in Detroit wearing one.


Let's not forget the T-Nation swag immortalized in "Dodgeball." :slight_smile:


When I go into professional whatever, I will buy a 100 shirts so I can wear them all the time flash them in the carmera and all that good stuff.


Didn't see that show, but I have seen the Fahrenheit commercial on discovery several times. Very cool.


Where in the movie?


I guess I'm stoopid. What's a swag?



I remember searching for, and finding, a thread that had a pic of the scene (I missed it while watching the movie).

But I can't find it today.


I think that show was a couple years old... what did it say at the end about what happened to John Cena?


This show was a few years old.. He was the Prototype..that was his first character.. I always wondered what happened to that guy (never knew his name).. now I know... he went on to the the WWE champion... That's pretty badass to see him at the beginning of his career. To see how far he's come in 3-4 yrs.


At the very beginning, when Ben Stiller's character is doing the TV ad, he walks in front of a "shop" and there is a Testosterone Shirt and RED KAT shirt hanging in the window.


Yep caught that. That show is about 5 years old (hence the old Testosterone shirt the guy had on) but it's still pretty good. I liked Cena's prototype character a lot better than his hip-hop persona he has today. He's still jacked but in this show he was really ripped.


he's gotten a lot smaller since then. Did you see that scene where he goes shopping at the grocery? That was nuts.


I'm curious about the T-Nation in Dodgeball also, anyone know the scene?


Yeah, I remember that scene from back when this show first aired and I was like, DAMN that's alot of food.. of course back then I didn't know anything about proper nutrition. It would be great if he wrote something about his nutition back then. He's definitely slimmed down a bit... I read an article in Men's Health and he said he can't train heavy anymore because of all the wrestling he's doing, no time to recover.. So Men's Health asked him how much he benches (playing to the idiot readers who worship bench) and John Cena said, oh only about 315lbs.. and John said yeah, that sucks, but it's because of the way I have to train these days. He said alot of the guys on TV can't lift as much as they look like they could. Have to admit there are some pretty awesome physiques on that show. It sounds like John has gone famous crazy, CD, WWE, and now a movie or two. How long til the fans move on?


Shit, I rented Dodgeball basically just to see the T, and I'll damned if I didn't miss it. I'll have to go rent it again now...