Testosterone, Sex-Drive & Achievement

Hi there,

I have been researching relations between levels of testosteron and libido in men. The cause of my study, was that I noticed after long study of succcesful men, that all without any exception had extreme libidos! This of great interest to all men that want to become “great”!

Now the question is what levels are optimal to raise libido, and at what point does the side-effects override the benefits?

It does not seem that ranges greater than the maximal normal ranges in men (~1500), do produce any increased libido. It seems that after this point the side-effects are increasingly greater in realtion to elevation in libido. These levels could be achieved by the use of Clomid or the likes. I’m sure you have different experiences, and would like to here them.

What levels or what dosages have you noticed gave you the best increase in Your libido, when using testosteron (no other anabolic steroids pls)?

I would like to find out if you are familiar with any studies which proves how increased levels of testosteron altered the personality of a male, making him more dominant, and thus probably more successful?

Thank You!