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Testosterone Serum 929 on Androgel

So some of you TRT experts help me out on this.

I’ve been on the androgel 4 pumps a day for almost 2 months.

My first pre therapy test serum was 198 now I’m in 2 months and I have 929 which is high. I have to say I feel pretty dang good for the most part. My energy levels have improved, hitting the gym a lot more.

I got a copy of my test and it basically just says

serum 929 abn H ng/dl normal 241–827

I read all this other stuff about free T and T3 T4 and E2. If my T serum is so high do I need to worry bout this other stuff.

My dr said to go to 3 pumps. I"m ready to go for 4 more.

I used Androgel, 7.5 grams per day. That is 6 pumps per day. The normal range for total testosterone is 300 to 1200 depending on the lab’s norms. But this is the generally agreed upon range in the medical community. I regularly test at 800 - 1000. Why would you go for more dosage if you are already at the high end of normal? I am assuming you are seeing this doctor for medicinal purposes, such as I do. I am hypogonadal for 6 years so far. My levels reached 1500 ng/dL once and I had to come back down to the dosage I use now. I did not feel all good at that level, considering my temper was soaring and I was becoming highly emotive.

Yes, you have to worry about aromatization when reaching a supraphysiological level of T. Why would anyone want to deal with this?

I’m just asking. From what I’ve read on here is that test converts to E with some people. If my test levels have reached a good level than maybe that wasn’t an issue for me. I was just curious if high E was still a concern.

My test results didn’t have all those other results just a total serum.

The adding more part was more in jest. If I feel good now than wow.

do any of you guys feel your weightloss was inhanced on this androgel.

When was your blood work done relative to when you last applied the androgel? This is very important.

No test for FT or E2? You also need to test DHT and PSA. With transdermal, there will be more E2 than with injections that achieve the same TT number. More E2 means more SHBG and a lower FT/TT fraction. Some will have DHT go too high with transdermals.

No need to test for thyroid levels unless there is a reason to do so other than just starting TRT.

TRT is HRT, and should not push E2 levels to the point where E2 spoils the benefits of TRT. When E2 leads to lethargy, mood problems and depression, this is medical harm. HRT also needs to keep hormones in balance. As long as medical intervention is taking place, optimal levels of T and E should both be goals. Neglecting the negative effects of E is “neglectful”.

If your sexual self image, fertility, sexual appearance and pregnenolone levels are of any regard, the only way to manage those issues is with TRT. TRT effectively eliminates the LH hormone. From a HRT point of view, the killed levels of LH are effectively/functionally restored with hCG.

T alone is like a one legged bar stool. T+AI+hCG is a solid foundation.