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Testosterone seminar

If it becomes a reality, where would you like to see a seminar take place? How about one on the east coast and one on the west? Now would that not be awesome?

My 2 scents:
East:Washington DC/Northern VA area
West:Biotest headquarters in Colorado Springs,CO

Colorado is the west coast?

Seminars would take place wherever we had a strong T-cell. The first will likely be in New York since those guys got off their asses and organized quickly. (They’re also hard at work right now finding us a location.) Ideally, possible future seminars would be spread out throughout the country, but obviously we’d only go where we thought we could draw a lot of people who appreciate the kind of time and dough this will cost us.

And no, if it’s left up to me, we will not videotape them. The seminars are for those that make the effort to come and learn something. So it’s either make the effort to attend or wait until we come to a town near you. Besides, attending a T-mag seminar compared to just watching a tape of one is like comparing having sex to watching a tape of someone having sex. In other words, ain’t no comparison. And many coaches won’t allow tapes anyway (of seminars that is, not sure about sex.)

All that said, this possible New York seminar is like an experiment. If it goes well, we may do it again.

I vote for Killingworth, Connecticut.

While I’m sure there’s not enough of a following in Nebraska for a full-blown seminar, anything in the midwest (Colorado?) I’d be down for.

How about Toronto? NYC is a bit far for me…

Get one within 300 miles of me and I’m there.

Good points about the taping. Still:

Let’s say that I organize a decent T-pack here in Hiroshima. Are the T-mag staff going to come out and give a seminar for us? If the answer’s yes, then please ignore what I’m going to say below. But if the answer’s no, then please consider the following:

A lot of your readership is based outside the US/North America. You have people here on the Forums from Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Africa, South America and spread over more countries in Europe than I’m going to take the time to list here. Hell, you yourself have been to Thailand. Let’s face it: T-Mag is international.

No matter how rabidly pro-T-Mag we might be, precious few of us ex-pats are going to shell out to attend a seminar that involves taking days off of work and several hundred dollars worth of travel expenses. Thus, effectively, we are barred from participating.

Even within the US, there are many who are geographically isolated AND poor, and thus will not be able to attend. Admittedly, they can organize their own T-packs…IF there are enough like-minded individuals in their area. Or they can try and recruit - but you yourself have stated that that’s not what T-mag has in mind.

Given the above, I will say again that I’d really like to see a seminar. Maybe not one of the actual site seminars (i.e, maybe not the New York seminar or the Portland seminar), but after you’ve done a couple you will I imagine get a feel for the types of questions that are being asked and could put together a sort of “generic” T-mag seminar tape and sell it.

Watching porn isn’t as good as the real thing - but I think you have to admit that it’s a hell of a lot better than no sex at all!

I see your reasons and raise you:

1) Everyone says they’ll buy tapes, but history tells us that very few actually do.

2) While the goal isn’t to make money (hell, the seminars are free) tapes bring in no dough, unless you charge a fortune like some coaches do. Really, it’s a time issue, not a money issue.

3) Many who will speak at possible T-mag seminars do not allow taping anyway (Ian King for one).

4) You chose to live in Japan! :slight_smile:

5) Ya can’t please all the people all the time, and though you know I love ya to death Char, it’s complaints like this that add up and make us scrap the whole damn idea out of frustration.

Fair enough.

[Sigh] As long as you really love me, I guess I’ll be okay…

How about broadcasting it on webcams? T-mag already has the server space, and it already has some audio stuff stored. Why not have the seminar in a well-populated area for the people who can attend in person, and do a web broadcast for those in other areas? Could even store some of the select presentations for later viewing. I’m sure you could get a volunteer to operate a camera.

Would that be an option?

We use Web ex for our confrences… Don’t know how much it is though. I would think it will cost money to put on the internet. since the seminars are free they will lose money…

May I suggest a little benign self interest on the behalf of the presentors? Honolulu would be a pleasant place to hold a semminar. Here it does not matter if the guy next to you is curling in the squat rack, there are 5 more to choose from…

I don’t know if T-Mag hosts locally or pays for remote hosting, but consider this:

Using the (semi-)standard Mpeg-4 codec, one minute of video requires ~5 megabytes of space. Now thats 300 meg for an hour long seminar, which is more likely to run for two or more.

Aside from the costs of hosting such a large file (The least of the issues) T-mag would have to pay for bandwidth upwards of Gigabits per month, and possibly multiple servers to handle the bandwidth. Even if Biotest/Tmag decides to take the financial hit this would require, how many people have the high speed internet access it would take to download it? Last time i checked, albeit a while ago, the percentage of the American public that had access to broadband was still in the teens. What percentage of T-Men? I have no idea.

Now i understand that there are other formats that have greater compression ratios, but think of all the people who have trouble posting a picture to the T-mag forum. Now imagine trying to hold those same hands through Finding, Downloading, and installing a codec.

I don’t think it’s feasible.

You are missing the point guys, T-mag does not want the seminars taped. Broadcasting the seminar on the web is ultimately the same thing, as people could download and save the broadcast. If you’re not going to be there in person then you’re not going to see the seminar. It all boils down to that.

Okay, since I started this whole tape discussion, please let me say something here.

First, I want to be clear that I wasn’t really complaining (although it might have sounded that way :wink: ). I was just trying to provide another option for dissemination of the info that would be presented in the POSSIBLE seminars that MIGHT happen in a few places.

But Shugs’ points above (some of them, anyway!) are valid; if it’s really true that no one is going to buy the tapes, then there’s no reason at all for Biotest to take the time to make them in the first place. Ditto for broadcasting a seminar over the Net; it’ll be a loss for them, and that’s not what anyone wants, I’m sure. (This doesn’t even touch on the point of certain presenters not wanting to be taped in the first place.)

Furthermore, the point about this POSSIBLE seminar being a freebie is very valid, and I for one would hate to be the one who ruined it for everyone by bitching about it (or raising “what if…?” points) ad nauseum. So please, let’s just let this drop, okay? Let Shugs and the gang give it a shot a few times and see how it works out. Once that’s been done maybe we can work on expanding the idea a bit, but it doesn’t even exist yet. In any form. So let’s not kill it before it even gets off the ground.

Peace. Out.