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Testosterone Replacement

I have a quick question on testosterone therapy.
I went to my doctor during my physical and asked about this. I am 21 and 180 ripped pounds, so he was very suspicious and basically did not take me seriously, wouldnt even give a blood test.

However, I do suspect that I am low in testosterone, given that i have scant facial hair and often have less sexual interest (never masturbate).

So, since I wont be getting insurance-paid-for therapy, would Tribex 500 be a good thing to try, and if that doesnt bump me up should i press the doctors more.
Since I am 21, i dont know why my levels would be low, although i did have an undescened right testes until i was 12.
Any suggestions? Im ordering Tribex right now, will this be beneficial?

if you are working out crazy to the point where you are ripped then at any age you need something to boost your testerone. But I would suggest Methoxy isoflavones Ecsdyesterone tribulus etc, and of course L-tyrosine.

He wouldn’t even give you a test? Time to get a new doctor.

Find another doc … try a female one

You could still have a relatively normal test range but I agree, get another Doc. You sound like you could be normal except for the late decendance. Did you tell your doctor about that? If you did and he still didn’t give you a test that guy is an idiot. Facial hair and sex drive are also regulated by other factors so don’t worry about those too much… just look for a compassionate female doctor.

I feel your pain man! I was born with the same problem and until I was 27 did not realize that my T levels were low. I cycle androgens off and on in a sensible protocol but can honestly say a combination of Tribex and biotest M seems to increase my sex drive more than when I am on the juice. Try the tribex you have nothing to lose, and also you might want to find a new doctor, any helpful physician should at least agree to have you tested.

i think i will see how the tribex goes, and if not ill try another doctor to at least get tested

even if i need it, i am tentative to take real testosterone like androgel or shots now just because it would shut down whatever natural level i make myself

also, for the last poser who was also “undescended”, did the doctor tell you that caused your problem
supposedly this is no problem whatsoever-meaning that the “good” testicle makes plenty of sperm and the other one still makes testosterone
but given taht it was undescended 13 years and is noticeably smaller (and that i have symptons of low test), I certainly think it is reasonable to assume it makes less test

anyway, im waitng for tribex to arrive and ill report how that goes

also, do i need “M” with the tribex?

since i dont have money to burn, i didnt buy it, but i dont want tits or anything

Tribex works. I believe I have mid to high level t count based on the way my body has developed and the t characteristics I have… but I still cycled tribex for three months hopeing I would get an extra boost. It worked! It took around 2-3 weeks for it to start working but it paid off. My sex drive was ridiculously uncontrolable and I was nitro-ed out all the time. The key to tribex is that it theoretically makes the testes produce more test on their own and I think its no lie. Only thing is when I cycled off I got kinda depressed and I’ve got a little extra weight that is coming off slower than normal.

terrance, my problem was actually both testicles(yeah that sucks!)But it was corrected at a young age. However my physician disagreed with what yours said. He told me that my low T levels were probably related to being born with undescended testicles and that I may never have optimal (meaning high normal) T levels. You don’t have to use the M in conjunction with the tribex, although the two do work great together. The main reason I use both is that I am doing them primarily for off-cycle recovery and need to make sure I have no estrogen issues to deal with. Tribex by itself will not cause estrogen related problems. You may want to read Estrogen’s dirty little secret in a back issue of t-mag, this is what convinced me that an herbal anti-e was worth the expense. Another protocol you might try is taking the M once in the morning and then the tribex once at night, that way it shouldn’t cost more than taking the tribex twice a day by itself.