Testosterone Replacement

Got my test test back today. And it was a whopping 367… Not as bad as I thought but not nearly where I think I want to see it. The reason I was tested is because in a week I will be having both testicles removed due to problems with cyst and pain and nausea. I have been dealing with this for the past 15 years and 3 major surgeries.

My doctor wanted me to get tested so he could start me off around that number and start weening me off. I asked the question of why he would even want to wean me off. He said because it is expensive. And not needed He is very much old school… Very nice but really… My thoughts are why not turn a negative (testicle removal) into a positive and gain some muscle and in time feel good about my body and therefore have a positive mental outlook.

So my question is should I demand a level of atleast 600… Because that seems to be a safe and also productive level. I know the free is the most important part and I’m not sure where I am at with that because the nurse did not know that number. But I will call and try to talk to the doctor to see if he can look in the file and find my free level.

That was in the beginning of July… Right after writing this I had to go in to get the testicles removed. Surgery went well. Went to the drs a week later and he told me to come in every three weeks and he would inject me with 400 mgs of cypionate. I asked him if he would inject me that day but he said he does not keep that stuff ( testosterone ) in his office.

He said he would give me a perscition for it and every three weeks I would bring it with me and he would inject it. I asked about self injections and he looked at me like I’m crazy. I had to go to my family doctor a few days later because my insurance insisted on it so while there I asked him about self injecting.

He knows I have a lot of family in the medical field and said he does not see a problem doing it myself. He also said that he thought that the dose was a little high. But also said that it may be fine and to start the injections and we will get some test run and see what the numbers say.

So it has been 4 weeks of injecting 135 mgs a week into my thighs. I took his 400 mgs every three weeks and broke it up into weekly injections.so far I don’t feel any difference in any way… I am still pretty tired most of the time with low sex drive but I’m hoping that will change soon.

Buzzz…I’m not trying to be jerk but I’ve been here a short time and every new post is the same thing. You’ve provided no where close to enough information or lab values to have any meaningful discussion. Most if not ALL of your questions are answered in the stickies…read them!

FWIW…the surgeon sounds like someone I would run far far away from. He wants to wean you off because test is not needed? Nonsense! Not only will you feel like shit but it puts you at increased risk of a lot of medical problems.

Your internist is also someone I’d run away from…no reason you can’t inject yourself. Is anyone ordering appropriate labs?

Why do you feel no difference? Impossible to say because we have no data! What are your other labs? What other medical conditions do you have? Medical history? Height and weight and exercise routine?

This IS one of the most helpful forums out there provided you supply the basic information needed for advice.

I had my labs done prior to testicle removal and they came back at 367 With range of 300 to 1100 and free 17 with a 15 to 40 range. So both were in the normal but low. I asked about checking es but he said that it is not needed with taking low doses of test. As far as my other numbers I am trying to find them and will post when I do. A little about myself I am 45 6.1 and 270 lbs. just started going back to the gym after years off due to my testicle problems.i am being prescribed a 10 mil 200 mg bottle of testosterone cypionate a month and I do inject myself with 130 to 140 mg a week. I do know my chesterol has been on the high side (bad) and my good has been on the low side. I am taking symvastin for that. I will post all my numbers as soon as I can find them

So I just got my test levels back after 4 weeks of 140 mg test cyp. I am now at a level of 751 with the range of 340 to 1197. Much better number but I am still not feeling it. I do read that this is pretty normal and could take a few months before I feel the effects. I asked about my free test and the nurse said they only check tha every once in awlile.

Asked also about a test for e and was told they don’t check that either. So I guess my next thing to do is find another doctor. I bumped my test up to 200 mgs a week to see if I could feel a difference and to bring my levels up to the high normal. I’ll try to get new test run as soon as I find a new doc

Not the best move in my opinion without knowing E2. It could be sky high for all you know and explain why you feel like shit. Bumping up could make E2 worse.

TRT should not be a guessing game. It should be carefully executed…start here, lab results adjust as needed. Not wild shots in the dark.

Buzz, we waiting to see questions that you will have after you read the stickies.

[quote]KSman wrote:
Buzz, we waiting to see questions that you will have after you read the stickies.[/quote]

Agreed this prime case for TRT so do your research.