Testosterone Replacement

My boyfriend has tested for low testosterone for 9 months. His readings were 1.9, 2.8, 2.9. Those are at three month intervals. His doctor has prescribed 200mg testosterone cypionate every three weeks, for four injectsions (3 months). He then wants to do another testosterone test to see where he is. Does this sound like a reasonable starting place for testosterone replacement?



Can someone please help with this? My BF is 31 years old in good shape. thanks.

Traci, I’m not an expert on this topic. But
based upon what I know, it seems to me that
getting an injection once every three weeks
is too far apart. The half-life of test. cyp.
is only about 6-8 days, so his T levels will
be good for the first week, and then they
will be painfully low again on weeks 2 & 3.
A better dosing protocal would be to use 200mg
on the first day, to get levels elevated
quickly, and then one week later use 50mg
once every three days. This will keep his
T levels at a more even level.

However, a better approach, before even trying T replacement, might be for the doctor to try using a drug called HCG, or a drug called clomid (clomiphene citrate), or possibly use them together. Both of these have been shown to increase T levels. Have your boyfriend ask his doctor about them.

But before doing any of that, he might want to try a product by Biotest called Tribex which has been shown to elevate T levels in normal men; it may or may not help him though.

Hope that helps.