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Testosterone Replacement Therapy

After some encouraging, I was prescribed Testosterone E 200mg/once a week by my physician to treat my self-reported low T symptoms. About 10 months later, I like the results that my body has gotten. I think my doc would be favorable to keeping me on this med - all I do is visit him every two months or so and tell him how I’m doing and he checks my blood levels.

However, I was wondering how long I should keep this up (I’ll be 40 next year). Should I worry about any side effects? I really like the way I look and walking around without my shirt. Can I remain on Testosterone for years (I won’t be having any children, so that’s of no concern to me)? Any opinions?

You can stay on for the rest of your life.
It is doubtful that you will have any sides at that dose.

You nailed it. Outside of fertility issues there is no negative to HRT. At HRT doses, which typically cap of at 200mg/wk, you shouldn’t have any estrogen-related side effects unless you are very prone to them already, and there are actually positive outcomes with heart disease and prostate health with older adults with normal levels of testosterone. It’s definitely a lifelong prescription.

Please make sure (even at 200mg/week) your doctor checks your Estrogen levels. It’s possible for your numbers to climb so slightly you don’t notice it initially, then one day you wonder why you don’t feel “good” anymore and your body doesn’t respond the way it used to.
I am one of the HRT/TRT guys here that had great trouble with T to E conversion, and got depressed, moody, and anhedonic until my E levels were brought back into range.
Just my two cents…

hey knd, im on hrt and having the same problems <moody,depressed>. just curious, what did you use to get your e levels back down to normal?

Arimidex, a little goes a long way. I prefer the liquid variety as dosing is much easier that way. PM for specifics.

EDIT: not related to E, my doc also prescribed HCG 250iu the day before my shots too, to keep the twins where they’re supposed to be…

T is TRT, T alone is not HRT as HRT seems to balance hormones. T alone is hell for many.

TRT/HRT is for life.

So adex for E2. What about your testes shrinking and your scrotum pulling up tight like a prepubescent boy’s.

The bulk of TRT/HRT posts are on the ‘over 35 forum’. Different issues than gear.