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Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Just turned 40 and found out that I have low T and must decide whether to start TRT or try to do it naturally. Are there any T-Men out there who have had luck raising there T by using Tribex, M & ZMA??? Or if someone has had to take T which form did you select; injection, transdermal, etc??

Mt T doubled and my cortisol halved using Tribex and M as per label directions at age 57.

I am on Testoderm TTS 5mg patches and they made me feel like a new man after a year of low test counts. I am not 40 however, I am 28 (in 2 days) and had low test due to the loss of a testicle. I know lots of guys I have met without a nut, and some without both, and of all the hormone replacement out there, none seems to fit everyone. Some swear by the shots weekly or biweekly, usually test proprionate (sp) 100mg per week or 200mg biweekly. Some love the Androgel and some love the patch. A lot of it comes down to what your doc believes in. I have some great websites for researching HRT if you would like just let me know.

I have one testicle too, for about 7 years now. Was kicked hard in the balls in a fight in college. My sex drive is fine though, and when I am on Tribex it goes through the roof. No hrt for me , not yet.

Thank God I am not the only Uninut on the board here! I lost mine to cancer about 18 months ago and my test levels never came back to normal. I had ZERO sex drive and needed naps all the time. I also gained like 20 pounds in that year and not much was muscle. It took them a year to decide to put me on HRT and it was like being my old self again. I have been on the patch for a month now. Within a week the fatigue was gone and within 2 my “friend” came back to life, hehe I said came, no pun intended. Now all I have to do is find out what city my abs ran off to after the 20 pound gain!

Klyteman to JS:
Thanks for sharing your experiences. I really appreciate it. Have you experienced any rash with the patches? Was told to stay away from the patches as they because they tend to produce excessive DHT. Have you had any problem with this?

I started replacement therapy a few months ago. Six months went by from the time I diagnosed myself, until I went through all the physician and HMO bullshit I was finally given a script for test. cypionate. Prior to getting the script I tried using Tribex and Androsol to maintain myself at least somewhat. While the Tribex and Androsol helped, they are nothing like the injections. And I’m a pitifully low dosage, that’s my next battle with the endo. 200mg every three weeks? I don’t think so! Still, a major improvement in my life.

Testoderm TTS is not the best patch available. It isnt even marketed to doctors anymore. I should know I used to sell it. Androderm is a stronger patch. Stronger in terms of boosting your T levels. Androderm has a 92% success rate at restoring total T levels between 300-1000. TTS only guarntees 200-1000 at 94%. Anything below 300 is considered low so dont ask me wht TTS used 200+ as i9n the normal range. Andorderm also adheres much better then TTS, alot of people complained TTS fell off during exercise. Ask your doctor about Androderm

I’m 42 and I just started on HRT. The doc is giving me 200mg Test Enanthate every other week. Frankly, I think I felt better using the Tribex, but your results may vary. Most of the doc’s other HRT patients are pretty happy. I’m going to continue the shots for a while and see what happens. I might combine tribex and and the shots depending on what my next T labs show. Remember, insurance will cover shots, it won’t cover Tribex.

One thing you need to be careful of is your bodyweight. If you carry a lot of fat, T supplementation can be screwed up by the aromatization of T to E. You really need to know your estrogen levels also, in particular your estradiol. My estrogen levels were high, which is the factor that stops the hypothalmus from driving T production. Be sure to check yours.

I have heard of a lot of people having site irritation on the Androderm patch however I have had no irritation with the Testoderm. As far as the adhesive, yeah it sucks. The only time I have adhesion probs is when I train legs so I just take it off when I train legs. If it begins to lose adhesion I use a couple strips of medical tape. The part most like about the testoderm vs androderm is that testoderm does not require site rotations, since there is usually no local reaction. I wear mine on the same spot every day (upper buttocks) and just switch sides every day. Hope this helps, the testoderm is working great for me, and until I get my 3 monthly bloodwork back I am not going to try and switch.

Hey JS,
thats weird about you losing you sex drive/t-levels after the loss of a testicle. Most studies done on this show no loss of t level with the loss of one testicle…the other usually picks up the slack and t levels stay normal…Did you go threw any chemo/take any medication? i suspect that might be the cause, or you may have had low t-levels all the time and not have realized it?

JS the reason why there is some skin irritation is because androderm sticks alot better. In a 2 week study androderm had 0 detacthments and TTS had 42%. Rotate it ??? so what there are a gazillion spots to rotate it to. I guess you dont want your t-levels higher and enjoy taping it on your leg…rotating it seemd easier to me…by the way androderm is the number #1 prescribed testosterone patch…Most likely your doctor is misinformed

My dad just got his Test. results back. He will be 55 tomorrow. He suffers from depression. Guess what his test levels were. 38 ng/dcl! The doctor has got him on the cream. I didn’t get the name of it.

For all you guys on HRT. How long did it take for you to feel a difference? He just started it 2 days ago. What have you noticed emotionally, and physically from HRT both good and bad?

Nick yes I had 6 weeks of radiation therapy and there is a lot of “trickle down” radiation as they call it which they think is the reason for the low test and also the reason they waited for a year to see if it would rebound. You are right that without chemo and/or radiation, usually the remaining testicle will pull the load. As for you Androman, quit trying to sell me on the Androderm patch please. I am not trying to sell you on my method of HRT and in my original post I think I was QUITE clear that HRT is a very individual matter, and I did not try to push MY method. As for me not wanting to rotate sites, I only like to wear it on the one site as I find all the other sites to be a pain to do myself. There are only 3 sites with the TTS (all on the back of the body) and I know there are many more site options with the Androderm. BTW I can’t wear the TTS patch on my leg and I only need to tape one once every couple weeks so its not a bother. And yeah I guess you must be right about me, I just must not care about my test levels! Whatever dude! You fucking kill me! I guess I am not as cool as you bro! Can I come hang out with you? Please don’t make accusations that imply I didn’t research the matter. After cancer one becomes pretty damn aware of what they do to their body. I chose TTS from all of the fellas at the Testicular Cancer Research Center board who were on Androderm and hated the accompanying rash and switched to TTS with NO drop in T levels nor changes in blood profiles. Thanks but no thanks Bro. Once again, we all come here to share and there are many different opinions. Train, eat, sleep, grow!

JS----good hope the TTS stays working for you. Trying to tell you about another product that is the #1 prescribed patch for a reason but who knows…by the way androderm is also smaller, i beleive tts is 60cm squared. Why not try androgel? you didnt have to go off and say you wanted to hang out with me, etc. Maybe your T levels are pretty high, you seem to have a short temper :wink:

No apologies from me bro. I just thought the comment seemed to be a bit provoking. “I guess you dont want your t-levels higher and enjoy taping it on your leg…rotating it seemd easier to me…” I stand behind what I said. You sound like you own stock in Androderm or just have something against TTS. Hell you even tried to persaude me into Androgel in your last post. I get it, you don’t care for TTS. Bro if I had my way I would take the shots. Wow.

Klyteman - Try getting a script for Clomid… that should help out.

6 weeks chemo!!! Holy crap, no wonder your t levels were so low…that sucks…Usually when they catch test cancer early there is no need for radiation at all, so yours must have spread…Im really sorry to hear that bro…
You wanna hear some more f-ed up news? Scientists have now found out that you don’t “catch” testicular cancer during your life-you get it from your mother while she is carrying you as a fetus during the 9 month stage. I guess a certain bacteria found in grains and coffee enters one or both testicles and stays dormant till the testicles start developing and reproducing, which is during puberty(15-35) which is also, coincidentally, the only time guys can get test cancer. Kinda messed up isn’t it? Scientists were puzzled by this for awile, because there is no way cancer can invade the testicles of a human being without starting somewhere else first, UNLESS it was a developing fetus…which in turn led to studies, which in turn scientists studied stillborns(these are babies born dead), then found out that some had test cancer before they were even born…

I’m 41. I take 200mg enanthate every Sunday. Also use clomid 3x per week. My doc is cool!

HRT is a pretty slow process from my experience. Generally doctors give a fairly low dose, from 100-200mg Test Enanthate, so your Dad shouldn’t expect much at first. I’ve been on it for 9 weeks now and the changes are very subtle, but then again I haven’t had my T levels checked again yet. (2 more weeks for that) The nurse said almost all of their 20 or so HRT patients are very happy with the results, so something must happen eventually.