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Testosterone Replacement Therapy YouTube Videos

Hey guys,
I’ve been working away on making easier to understand youtube videos about Testosterone Replacement Therapy. I have a few ‘under-development’ but I thought it would be great to share with you all and see what you think!

I’d appreciate any feedback (positive and constructive)


Awesome video. Really helped me to understand the inner working. Great Job.

If I was you I would be looking for @physioLojik , he is the Bodybuilding Endo that trys to keep us educated. See if he has any input for you.

Another video, or maybe to add to this one, is why would someone start TrT. Symptoms, labwork, positives that come from TrT.

Thanks for the great video

Nice video, informative and concise.

Suggestions for future videos:

  • Maybe a video on SHBG, low vs high and how it may affect treatment

  • A video on what to expect when initially starting treatment. For instance, I felt on top of the world during my first try with TRT. Then this second time it’s been hell to start with and I’ve had increased undesirable symptoms like anxiety.

  • A video on AI’s, dosages and the importance of not crashing your E2.