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Testosterone Replacement and Andro

Alright, so now I am one year out from Testicular Cancer, with one less nut. After a year of getting a bit fatter and being a moody SOB I get my serum test levels checked and sure as shit, they are quite low. I will be starting on Androderm Patches this week and am quite excited about it! I still have trained like a madman since I was deemed “cancer free” however I am about 10 pounds lighter and got about 2 extra inches on my waist. My question is this… Does anyone think that taking ANY type of Andro supps while on HRT is a bad idea and why? for a couple years prior to the cancer, I liked to take a 4 week cycle of 4-AD once every 6 months and always made good gains from it. Am I destined to be Andro-FREE for life? I am not even going to ask my doc, as he is apprehensive about me taking f*&cking protein powder! Any opinions would be greatly appreciated.


I am currently on androgel 5mg. test per day and just finished a 2 week cycle of Mag-10. I gained about 6 lbs lbm. I am almost 50 and am probably a bit beyond my natural size. I was on Test Cyp 400 mg every 3 weeks for a while and tried androsol for 2 weeks during this time. That was very nice on my libido as well as my workouts. I would much prefer to use test cyp but my endo pulled me off of it for a while. I’m not sure how effective the patches will be - get your dr. to prescribe the im test cypionate at decent dosages (IMO 200mg per week)if you can. I really believe it will make quite a difference - although I couldn’t comment on any problems you might have with cancer. Try the Steroid forum and ask Spongebob or Rainbow their opinions. Good luck.

Normaly: "You only need a tiny portion of one testicle to have normal testosterone levels. Much of the testicular volume is taken up by sperm production while less than one half testicle is needed for normal hormone production. "

  • ref: J.W. Noordzij, urologist

Thanks for the relpy Michael. I am not concerned about the Cancer recurring from any type of Andro supplementation, just more about the flux in hormone levels while on TRT, since I will be on it for life. I am military so the shots are not an option from a readiness standpoint, as I would need something that I can self administer anywhere in the world. As for J.W. Noordzij’s qoute… I will keep it nice. My first urologist swore up and down that “one teste can do the work of two!” Now maybe from a purely survival standpoint yes, but from a weightlifting and physically demanding job standpoint no. Considering I now need a nap after I train. I only shave my face 3 times a week now. Not to mention the erection issues, lol!!! And as I mentioned before that I am lighter with a larger waist with no changes to training patterns… Hmmmm… something was wrong in me. So I will let my bloodwork speak for itself. Prior to losing one of my “pals,” I had a morning serum test count of 560ng/dL, and one year after it is 314ng/dL! I think the medical community, Urology in particular need to reconsider that line of crap about how one nut is fine. I thank you for taking the time to post the quote Mike, but in my case it was just not true. So now I will be on a 2.5mg patch to start and see where my serum test levels go from there. I think I will wait some time for them to make sure which dosage of test will put me back at a physiological test count before I dabble in prohormones again. But I am very glad that someone else out there is doing to same thing. Already walked the mine field so to speak. Thanks again fellas.


Well, NORMALY you would be fine with one testicle. You mentioned your testosterone levels you had been taken. Remember that testosterone levels are not constant, and goes up and down, depending on your mood, training frequency and intensity, time of day, age, stress and oter factors. So I would not worry about the little diffrence. It is to early to draw the conclusion that you now have lower t-levels. Remember that the body adapt itself, and your one ball should begin producing more testo. I have also “only” one ball, and my testosterone levels are all okay, and in normal range. And I have been training for 10 years with good and steady gains while working. Maybe you are making this a bigger problem than it rally is, because normaly it is no problem. And this is NOT from a purely survival standpoint! Even if you had 10 balls you would not produce more testosterone, the body produce only as much testosterone as it need, wich normaly is within normal range.


I can see your point, however I have had my morning (8 am) test done several times to ensure that there is not a huge variance in the levels. I am glad that you are making gains still, however I am not. How can I be making it more than it is when my facial hair does not grow, I have zero sex drive and I am getting fatter and losing overall bodyweight? I have met many folks who are doing fine with one testicle, however I have also met others with low-testosterone issues too. Medicine is not always black and white, IMHO. I appreciate your opinion, yet I take offense (I know, getting offended on the net should not happen) when you accuse me of making it out to be more than it is. I have not walked in your shoes, nor have you walked…

JS, I did not ment to offense you. If you went through radiation treatments when you had testicular cancer, that may be the reason for your low t-levels? Some years ago I read about Dennis Newman who was diagnosed with Leukemia. Radiation treatments destroyed most of his testosterone production. And he had to take testosterone replacement for a while…

Yep I sure did, got 6 weeks of radiation, to the abdomen and remaining testicle no less. :slight_smile: