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Testosterone Relation to Ligaments and Cartilage Healing?

Hey guys,

Just wondering if anyone has some information about cartilage and ligaments on testosterone. I have an undiagnosed condition for the last 2 years, been through every test known to man and nothing. I have dropped 80lbs as of now, can barely work because the pain is so bad with deep breaths or twisting\turning of the torso.

After about 6 months of cyclobenzaprine and diclofenac the pain is slightly reduced. Which allowed me to pinpoint the source of the pain better. It seems like my left lower ribs are stabbing into me and could be the cause of the pain. No idea what the hip pain is from.

I was blasting and cruising for 4 years. Doing intense workouts and mma\muay thai, followed by power lifting for the majority of every day. In muay thai you tend to abuse your body alot untill you become a walking tank. You take lots of full power round houses to the lower ribs when catching legs for sweeps.

I guess the question is, would the cartilage and ligaments holding the lower ribs in place, possibly become so damaged and be unable to successfully repair itself because of AS?

Thanks for reading and any helpful reply


What type of doctors have you seen?
What else are you doing athletically while you are trying to heal?
When you were injured, was it all of a sudden after a tournament, within weeks, or progressive over years with flareups?

Taught own dojo’s for 30+ years.
Familiar with what you are describing.

It came on gradually, started as a mild ache and over time became a terrible sharp stabbing pain. It definitely has flare-ups, or i call them episodes that last a few weeks at a time. With immensely increased pain to the point i can barely walk. I’ve done a bone scan, 2 ct scans with contrast, x-rays, ultrasounds. Doctor won’t send me for MRI. Since they didn’t see anything on ct scans and its over a year wait. I’ve seen specialists endocrinologist, rheumatologist, gastroenterologist,haematologist. No answers, no diagnosis.

Besides what i mentioned in the first post. Was not doing anything else athletic, but i was working on oil rigs for 30 day rotations with 14 hour a day shifts, on top of the Muay Thai, power lifting and night club security work quite a few fights, but no injury that would be notable.

I have had long term damage from having the cartilage in my sternum “displaced” and other things in my core due to contact injury in the ring. (early mma type) Continued training did not help.
Also, There can be referred pain and symptoms from neuropathy which can come from any spinal displacements, stenosis, etc, which can also happen from contact sports, compound twisting in Muy Thai, and contact or impact trauma over time, plus nerve compression from power lifting. A competent neurologist and detailed MRI’s can find this with the aid of your symptom descriptions. Does not have to be a large one time trauma but can be multiple cumulative stresses over time that just don’t heal right.’
Hope this helps.

anavar is the only steroid that burns fat through protein synthesis and promotes healthy blood flow and healing to tendons as long as it’s still attached, unfortunately it’s schedule - but the government has been doing an active study for rotator cuff surgeries and it’s applications. It was also given to alcoholics when their liver was failing to promote healing! your liver! think about that. It’s sad that they banned it because of baseball cheating back in 89, so hopefully they’ll legalize it again and use it, It’s truly a wonderful medication/steroid,

I haven’t tried anavar yet, but i think I’ll give it a try. Seems like i finally got a diagnosis and found a doctor that seems to know what he’s doing. (That seems to be the real struggle) I have a damaged abdominal oblique sling, rip tip syndrome and 2 slipped floating ribs. Time to undergo some painful PT and retrain the “oblique sling.” Thanks a lot to all of you who took the time to read and respond! Greatly appreciated!

Thanks for your answer. Helped push me in the right direction! Finally getting some progress towards getting functional again! Lots of PT ahead, but feels great to know I’m on the right path.

You’re welcome.
I’ve suffered from degenerative spine and a couple of spine surgeries for decades. Finally, a great TRT program, so far, and Thyroid diagnosis, etc, and I’ve been recovering better in all areas than in the last 10-15 years.
There were ups and downs and a fine line between feeling great, strong, and doing too much which made for physical setbacks, pain, etc.
And, of course, finding the right doctors, so many are junk at TRT and all that, and PT and training.
The forum and conferring with the docs at Defy Medical, also a good endocrinologist and naturopath, and a great Physical therapist, rehab center, has worked wonders for me.
The huge thing for me to challenge is not doing too much to hurt myself again or further, yet enough to maintain as much physicality and quality of life as possible as I age.
Wishing you great success over the long term.

Cartilage doesn’t heal without intervention.

What kind of intervention? Care to elaborate?

There are now cell-based therapies that can to some degree heal cartilage.