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Testosterone Recovery After 1 Year of Anorexia?

Hello Everyone,
I’m going to try to summarize but please read this if you’ve had experience and recovered well.

I’m 6’2’ and weigh 170 lbs today. About 16 months ago I was the healthiest I have ever been. I weighed 195 and was cut, I exercised and participated in sports and was a very strong athlete. I also had amazing sex drive and zero libido issues. Then in the Winter of 2015 something clicked in my head and I began dieting and exercising like a maniac. I would eat between 1400-1800 calories daily while running 3 miles and also lifting weights. I continued this type of lifestyle for the next year, until I weighed 155 and no longer had the energy to even get up and go to classes. This was my breaking point and it occurred in February of 2016.

At my lowest weight I suffered from severe anemia, zero ejaculate volume, mild depression, zero sex drive, dark bags under my eyes, and fatigue so great that even after 12 hours of sleep I’d still be tired.

Things slowly got better and about 4 months ago I finally realized what I’ve been doing to my body and started to change my behaviors. Today I weigh 170 lbs, and I exercise on and off.

Many of my symptoms have resolved themselves. I am no longer fatigued, and I have regained some ejaculate volume, and even my anemia is doing better, although it still persists on a daily basis. My biggest worry is whether or not I’ll ever recover my testosterone production completely? Last time I got tested was 5 months ago, and my testosterone was below 300. Although I see progress, in the last month I feel as though I’ve plateaued. I still don’t have my sex drive back, and I’m starting to consider a Clomid restart, but fear that it might screw me up even more. Is there anyone out there that had success with testosterone production recovering naturally? Or does anyone have any signs of hope for me?

Thank you!

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