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Testosterone....Real World Data

In the “Testerone: Real World Data” article this week it has leg power as one of the dependent variables. How would leg power be measured?

Power = Force x Velocity

To measure power, you would take the force (weight or resistance one must work against) and multiply by the speed in which they lift that resistance (velocity). Peak power output comes at about 30% of 1RM.

Leg power would best be measured by vertical jump.

I would assume it’s measured via a cybex type machine (isokinetic contractions).

One of the most common tests of leg power is the Wingate anaerobic power test. It basically involves you pedaling on a cycle ergometer as hard and fast as you can for 30 seconds against a ridiculous workload. Peak power, average power and a fatigue index are measured from this test. My guess would be that they looked at changes in average power output over 30 seconds.