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Testosterone Questions

Will test boosters shut down natural testosterone production and how much will it cost for a trt clinic or a doctor to get a full hormone panel like lh fsh and all that

You are better of ordering your own labs out of pocket without a doctor. Not available in all states. Where are you? Charges from clinics can be all over the place.

Anything that boosts T, reduces your own production, or shuts it down. Some gave their hormones systems ruined by some pro-hormones.

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Took a test booster which I didn’t know it was then testicles atrophied only took one and then went to check testosterone levels wasn’t feeling good total t came at 290 from 250-1000 and free testosterone came out at 15 from 5-30. I hear that total t doesn’t matter and some say it does but my free t is not that bad but it is still low for a 19 year old and also I take antidepressant sertraline,dispersal,quietiapine and I had ed and other problems before medication

Do not open multiple threads with some info here and some there with responses spread around and duplicate efforts. See your other post for advice and pick a thread to live with.

Also study the HPTA restart sticky.

Meds can mess with your hormones and sexual function.

WHAT WAS THIS? “dispersal”