Testosterone Question (250 vs 450)

So in the winter I did one 12 week cycle of enanthate… all went smooth really no cons…

I am now trying a cycle of 450mg and I’ve done 1 week 2nd pin in (each pin is 1ml)…. First pin my leg was in such bad pain that I could barely walk on it ( pain went away no leg is fine) second pin, I got head aches and high blood pressure… 145 (got lightheaded,dizzy and nausea)… I’m thinking Monday just to continue back on 250 as it was as problem free… thoughts

I’m doing 1ml twice a week. Same as what I was doing with the enanthate. Perhaps if I try again my body will just get use to this and no high blood pressure / dizzy / nausea / fever?

By the way I have to reply with edits because the site won’t let me reply

So to up the dose from what I was doing with the 250ml you recommend .5lm twice a week?

Is there a way to inject 600ml / week using the 450?

When you say 450 is that mg/wk or the concentration of the gear?
Usually anything over 300mg/ml will give you PIP.

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I’ve seen it on here before and actually feel like I should know this, what is meant by PIP? Seems to mean unspecific side effects. Is that correct? Thanks. I’m about to learn something. Lol

It means post injection pain.
Usually caused by virgin muscle injections or high concentration gear.


I’ve never seen 450mg/ml test before. Looking at the vial it looks like a mix of esters. It’s probably mixed with a bunch of shit to keep it from crashing at that concentration. This is what’s giving you the pip. Are you injecting an entire ml at once?
You could try diluting the concentration to make it easier on yourself.

Or just inject the 250mg/ml at 0.8ml 2x a week to make it 400mg.

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Yeah that shits gonna hurt.
You do realize your doing 900mg/wk correct?

Except your enanthate was 250mg/ml max
That’s 500 mg/wk.
as stated above your product is 450mg/ml. If you inject 2ml/wm that’s 900mg/wk if test you are taking.
Since you are only in you first week if you want to back it off no issue as you have a ways to go for full blood saturation.

Just means post injection pain.