Testosterone Propionate

So i m 22 years old and my doctor just prescribed to me last week some testosterone proprionate for about 7 weeks. He told me that the dosage would be 300 ed and the pct is made from nolva and clomid,as base. As i am prone to gyno he adviced me to experiment with 0.5 eod and one day a week to increase at 1.
We advice me to cut my calories becouse im 19 % bodyfat at 1,80cm &104kilograms.

I used to do sport for more than 6 years but recreational. He adviced me to jump in aerobic and light weightlifting and if i progress to get some gymnast classes ,swiming and powerlifting. I used to have asthma so he adviced me that for obesity the best treat is cytomel 3 or 4, and even clen but for arranging the shapes… No. Test would do it. He also preached me about guys from 30’ s and 60’ when back then they only have weights ,food and test propionate wich is more trustable than any other derviate, and also if i want to stop or feel that bad to get the pct in the 4 th day and not 3 rd … He also adviced me to just ask if i feel anxious or depressed for some xanax. God i love my doc :slight_smile:

He didn t catch me to brag about some seringes but i guess is 23 to inject and 18 to draw.

Feel free to chat!

UPDATE ! Trenbolone acetate?

You need to understand a lot to decide if you like what your doc is saying.

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Dose is 300 mg ? pounds?
300mg ED is criminally insane
PCT is complex and not that simple. Many do it wrong.

The body builders have to do Post Cycle Therapy to safely get their HPTA
working right after a cycle and typical practices are stupid. See my
thoughts here: The PCT SERM dosing in this forum is wrong - Pharma - Forums - T Nation

For a 5weeks cycle,to cut, what would you recomand? And what pctt??

is this a joke? TRT Prop would be 12mg to 25mg daily not 300mg a day no way thats 2gm a week.

If it is, the punchline was delivered three years ago.

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crap, sorry bout that lol