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Testosterone Propionate

I’m thinking of testing this 2 on/4 off doing Testosterone Propionate only. I now would like some advice of how much to do, Is 100mg EOD (400mg/week) only, a good dosage for this cycle, or?

I also would like to know If U have any Idea of how much I could gain of this cycle. I've heard that It's hard to keep the gain U get of Propionate, is this true? Maybe doing 600mg of primobolan week one with this would help?

I have read a lot of things about Testosterone Propionate but nothing of Use for this "short" type of cycle(of course). So I would be more than glad if U helped a bro out.

I’m thinking about this cycle too. As far as I know propionate is pretty good for 2on4off. Could You tell me something more about Your plans?

Don’t know how I will react to the prop, so I’ll first try a dosage at 100mg eod. If that’s not enough I will go with 150 eod or 200 for the next cycle

I hope you don’t mind the pain included with these shots, because if you didn’t know propionate is a pretty painful shot. If I where you I would go with Testosterone cypionate or enanthate. Your gains will be greater with these steroids anyway.

Enah and cyp for a 2/4 cycle? No I think I’ll stick with the propionate, and for the pain: No pain, no gain…