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Testosterone Propionate for TRT?

Hey guys, anyone use test propionate for TRT? What protocol do you run and do you feel better/worse than using a more common ester like Enth?
I’m thinking of making the switch but I heard prop subQ can be extremely painful due to the short ester, thoughts?

You’ll pretty much have to inject every day if you use prop. I’ve only used it once and it burned like hell

I would not use it unless for some reason you responded better to propionate than the other esters. Some do, but you’d want to take it twice weekly, maybe more frequently.

I used it back in the AAS days and can’t say I noticed any difference with it vs the other two. Was injecting everything twice weekly then and stacking orals though. Never noticed the burn some report.

Im on a mix of prop/topical cream/hcg for TRT. I’ll preface that I’m low SHBG. I do daily prop and cream and Eod HCG(100iu). I had some success with other protocols but it never seemed to last. Ive been going on 2 years now in the sweetspot. Downsides are injection frequency and finding a doctor to get on board. Im getting cream from primary and ugl prop. It was cheaper for me to do it that way. 10mg prop/day(IM not subq) plus 1ml of a 50mg/ml Test cream. Levels stay around 1000 ng/dl e around 30 no AI.

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Interesting. Why do you think you do better with the blend, versus taking one or the other, only an increased dose to offset not taking both?

What size needle do you use?

Low quality oil

Is there any problem in using propinate for ED injections?

To ask it this way - is there advantage of using long ester like cypionate for ED?

The cream is primarily for DHT. I tried daily with CYP but I think I was missing the spike in free T I get with prop. I look at it like area under a graph. My body obviously likes the higher free T but it can only handle it for short bursts or else too much E conversion. I just can’t create that more natural diurnal variation with longer esters.

28g 1/2 in

@blizzardtest Been reading some of your posts. I’m currently on testogel for 3 months… appt with new clinic coming soon it’s bhrt, but, I’m pretty sure I can get any form of test. I’m looking ahead, not sure which route they will want me to go… but, I’m a propecia sides guy, so I expect it to not go smoothly.

I could see myself trying injections and maybe ED, orgasms, sensitivity, still kinda blah… the idea of then adding a cream and doing low dose of each… maybe that’ll work for me also.

Just wondering if you had ED problems before the cream? …and the low dose hcg, do you take that in cycles or can you take that long term?

@bluejays I never really felt dialed in on injections. It wasn’t horrible. But still felt like something was off. Cream fixed that for me. There was a marked improvement in all sexual parameters, erection quality/sensitivity/orgasm/refractory period. Most recently I’ve upped my cream from 50mg to 75mg and dropped my injection from 10 to 8 mg per day. Having bloods done next week. I can tell that it’s tilted me even more towards DHT. Hair is a bit thinner but not bad. I think 75mg in a single application is at the upper end of what my body likes and can tolerate. It seems that the standard cream only protocol these days is twice daily application. I’m considering it. But I’m concerned about having to comply with the twice daily routine.

With respect to HCG, I’ve taken it for years with no need to come off and on. Tho some people do report a week or 2 break every so often does ‘reset’ something for them.

Good to know @blizzardtest

I had bottom range dht. I won’t know that new number for another week or 2. The lab said it takes longer. I don’t know if testogel would have raised that much.

I have zero feeling in my nuts. Penis about 50%. I think raising dht in that area has to help.

HCG can help with the no feeling in the nuts and sensitivity issues.

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Is that something you can take long term? It sounds like something I could add.


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Didn’t burn when I used it (Empower brand).

It did definitely do something weird to my mental state both times I tried it, causing some sort of manic state. Ended up putting me in such a tough place that I tossed the bottle.

A lot of guys do like it though, and I’ve never heard anyone else say they had this issue. Just 99% sure I benefit from being on smooth, consistent levels.