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Testosterone Proper Drawing Technique?

I started my first cycle ever on March 5th and I think everything is going well but I had a question about drawing. Before I get into it, here’s the info you’ll likely ask for:

Age: 25
Experience: 2 years serious
Height/weight: 5’11" / 195lbs @ ~13%bf
12 week cycle
Cycle: 500mg test-e, 250 Mondays, 250 Thurs
Arimidex EOD @ 0.25mg
HCG Mondays and Thursdays for the boys

Pct is nolva only at typical dosage

Question is, when I draw, I use an 18G needle and draw 1mL (250mg test), then I discard the needle and equip the 23G needle. Isnt there still test in the 18G needle and does that count towards the 1mL? I’m worried I’m throwing away some juice every time I discard the needle.

Thanks in advance

Just to further make my point, drawing 1mL with a long ass needle will give you more testosterone than if you drew with a short needle. So how do I draw to keep my dosage as accurate as possible?

Why don’t you just draw with the 23 gauge? I do. Works perfectly. I use a 1” needle

Ok I have a rant to share. :wink:

That bit about even a tiny bubble injected into you will kill you is total BS. If even a tiny bubble would kill you then all scuba divers would die. When they go deep enough they have to ascend slowly in order to allow time for the compressed air due to depth to slowly expand back to a larger volume and exscape your body. And that’s in your blood. We are injecting into a muscle. Now do not go and push 5 CC’s of air into you either in the muscle or the vein. The air actually makes the PIP in some cases and some times it makes it worse.

Some things to think about. That marked scale on the side of the syringe measures the volume of the barrel only not the needle or the nipple that the base of the needle attaches to. So you get your two piece needle and syringe you move the plunger to the one cc or ml mark when it is empty. Then you push it into the vial and push the plunger all the way until it makes contact with the base of the cavity where the nipple extends into the needle base. You have injected one cc of air into the vial then you pull back on the plunger to the one cc mark and wait until it stops filling the syringe. You have moved the plunger one cc of volume and the corresponding amount of oily suspended hormone is now in the needle and syringe but there is a bubble in the syringe. That bubble represent the air volume of the needle and nipple cavity. If you push the air out and move the plunger back to the one cc mark you now have OVER one cc in your needle and syringe. Provided you have no air in the whole thing and the plunger is at the one cc mark. If you leave the air from the needle and nipple cavity in the needle it is usually around or a little over one tenth of a cc depending on brand. If you always work the air out and you always fill it to the one cc mark you will usually only get nine whole shots out of a ten cc bottle. You have waisted an entire cc out of the bottle because there is no way to push that extra bit out when you inject.

What I do is I fill to the one cc mark and leave the bubble in there. I find a way to make sure the needle is pointing straight down when I inject. If I am going glutes I lay on my side and end up going into the hip area almost. My gf is a nurse and they teach then to inject there, they no longer teach them to inject into the round part of the glutes.
So I am injecting with the needle pointing straight down to the ground as in a perfect 90 degree angle to the ground. That air bubble from the volume of the needle and nipple cavity is at the top of the barrel of the syringe up by the base of the plunger. I push the plunger and watch. I push and inject untill the air bubble reached the base of the needle inside the clear base that screws onto the nipple. If I change the needle after I draw I pull back on the plunger until almost 1.1 cc mark on the syringe thus pulling the oil from the needle and nipple up into the syringe along with extra air. Then I attach the new needle to the nipple and push on the plunger until I see I tiny drop at the tip of the sharp end of the needle, then I insert aspirate and inject.

I know I went kind of overboard on my description but I wanted to make sure I was articulating what I wanted to convey to you. I hope that I made sense after you took the time to read this. Feel free to ask for clarification.

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I just inject subQ with 28g 5/8” fixed pins with no dead space. It takes a little while to draw (not that long, really) but you don’t even feel the pin and I don’t waste any juice due to the smaller barrel of a 28g and the fact that there’s no dead space like there would be with a removable tip.

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Yes there is still a little bit of product left in the needle…the amount is of no real significance since as has already been mentioned by now_i_care, the volume marks of the syringe do not measure this trivial amount. Worry about something else.

I don’t know about anybody else but I always push a little oil thru my needle and let it run down the sides. This lubricates the needle a little and helps is slide right in. (sorry about other imagery this may conjure up in your dirty little minds!)

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I do the same for the exact same reason.

Same. I’ve done it both with and without lubrication and it makes a big difference. That oil stops a lot of chaffing and oh shit you guys were talking about something else.


If you are obsessive about not waisting or waisting as little as possible. Tuberculin needles sometimes come as a one piece “low dead space” syringe. The draw back is they only go up to 1cc but if you search and search you can find 25 guage at 1 inch. When your searching the key components of the description are “tuberculin” and “low dead space” in the description. Don’t go by the picture most of the sites use a stock photo for all of the options anyways. To clarify tuberculin can still be a two piece set up, the object is “low dead space” meaning it’s a one piece set up.

I personally only get finicky about not waisting my tren.

Because when you use the drawing needle to inject, the tip becomes slightly less sharp. Causes less pain and just a better idea overall to use a separate drawing needle.

This helped me out a lot. I’m glad to know I was doing something similar, so I couldn’t have wasted too much.
Also, I know injecting a small amount of air intramuscularly won’t kill you. It’s the veins you don’t want to inject air into.

Edit: I guess I’m special when I’m using tnation mobile. I meant to reply directly to the first now_i_care post.