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Testosterone Problems!?


I figured my questions can best be answered in the over 35 forum as these are "over 35" problems.
I am 21 years old. No smoking. No binge drinking. Resistance and or cardio at least 4x/week Balanced diet.

Lagging libido (ED, no morning wood, etc.)
High blood pressure (155/90!)
Excessive need for sleep
Emotional swings

I decided to visit a urologist for my sexual issues and received some levitra. It worked, but I think I'm too young for that treatment.

I saw my GP 2 months ago and requested treatment for high blood pressure and to have labs drawn. I was exercising a lot and eating well/taking ZMA. All the labs were fine and total testosterone was 590 ng/dL. not bad.

Saw the urologist again 2 weeks ago as it became apparent that the levitra/cialis was not working quite as well. Did not exercise or take any supplements within a week of this visit. Requested new labs. Doctor was hesitant but I managed to get the following from the same lab:

Total test: 345ng/dL (241-827)
Prolactin: 9.43 (2.20-18.50)
FSH: 4.42
LH: 4.88
Estradiol: ? (was requested but i don't have that number yet)

Urologist said that these labs were "normal." I think the testosterone is pretty low for my age.

So my question is if I could be a candidate for HRT at such a young age based on my latest labs. The sexual problems really suck. The blood pressure really worries me. What should I do?


Maybe you need to take more than a wk off. At 21 that bp is a bit high (anything over 90 diastolic is considered high). You do cardio, you lift so something is going on but having your diastolic pressure at 90 isn't life threatening. Could be stress etc. Probably should include the time of your tests for tt or whether is was morning or later. That you had one tt in the range 590 though probably means your ok, I'd think. Another thing is if you did have morning blood draws is maybe getting put on clomid for awhile to kick start your testicles but again you had a test at 590 so unless they retest you again and you come low I don't think it's gonna happen. Knowing your estradiol would help.

At 21 I'd be concerned also. I'd want it at 900 or higher. Thing is that your young and probably going to want kids so most docs are going to want to stay away from treating you with testosterone unless your gay then I guess it wouldn't matter.


at 21 a good range is 500-700 provided that shbg and e2 is around 20 and then there are not thyroid or adrenal issue. I can sum this up in one word OVER TRAINING and undereating, over stressed. Chill out get some sleep, cut back on training and you will be fine in about a month or so.. YOU are frying your adrenals so chill out. LIFESTYLE CHANGES IS YOUR NUMBER ONE GOAL NOT CLOMID !!


I still need to get that e2 number! I'll have it soon. In response to hardasnails, I don't think I'm overworking myself. I eat plenty of food, and I sleep at least 9 hours a night. Also, in response to the fertility issue, won't hcg take care of that? I think I need to at least try this and see if it helps. Treat the symptoms, not the numbers...right?

For my own sanity, I want my physical and mental stamina and my wood back! I'm going to see my GP with my new labs on Wednesday, and I know he has been an HRT patient himself so hopefully he would be good to work with. Clearly the urologist is useless and hates his job. Upon learning that I study biochemistry in college, his first response to me was "don't be a doctor." Yikes


e2 is 35 with a reference of (0-53).


Contact Mike Mahler. http://www.mikemahler.com/ He can help you with your hormone issues. He has an extensive knowledge and a great ebook about hormones. He is not too expensive either. He straightened me out and I'm 44. Most gp's and uro's do not know the whole story and will just push some pills. There are plenty of natural options before going the med route. Hope this helps!


Your E2 should be 22 or so, not 35. An E2 of 35 will cause lethargy and unpredictable or non-existent erections for many men; you apparently fall into that category...

Next time you get an E2 test, ask the doctor to order the "extra sensitive" test because the range is >0 or = 29. The test that was used last time only registers down to >32. So you don't know how much or if at all you are below 32. Understand?


True if from Quest Diagnostics, not true if LabCorp or ?most other labs?. Any more info around on this range limit?


Not from quest. It was done at a hospital's own lab that is not affiliated with quest or labcorp. So maybe estrogen is the culprit?


E2=35 can mess guys up, I was a mess with E2=37. When my liquid adex was getting under dosed, I had E2-28 and that was not good either.


Ok the lab was labcorp. Sorry for the confusion. What should I do about the E2?


In terms of the test, or the E2 level you now have?
There is a book of codes that doctors use to order tests. Have your doctors' office order the E2 test that DOES NOT state the range of 0-54 in the book. (that's what my doc does)
Otherwise as KSman has stated; get liquid adex and count the drops per milliliter to verify proper dosing. If this doesn't make sense, water has more surface tension than PEG does, and so it makes larger drops from the same size dropper. That is why it is important to count drops.
Is this clear now?


Ok so I'll definitely acquire some adex and see how I feel following ksman's protocol. I am also going to try to contact a compounding pharmacy in hopes of finding a competent doctor in hrt. I'm assuming that a t boost and a decrease in e2 should help me out. Any ideas where to purchase liquid adex? Pm if you have a website. Thanks for all the advice!


Finally got some liquid adex. I front loaded .5 mg last week and have been taking two drops every day since. It's been one week and I definitely feel a difference in some areas.

The main thing I have noticed is that the emotional swings have leveled out. Things are just much easier to deal with and rationalize. Also, my overall energy level has definitely increased. My question is how long should I wait until drawing labs to verify my e2 reduction and assess the status of my testosterone numbers?


In theory, to get to an E2 of 22 you should take 17.2 drops of adex a week. You are already at 14, so you might try an extra drop on M,W,and Friday for a month and see how you feel then.
For me, it took a couple of months after I got my E2 managed to actually start to feel better. The body goes through a lot of changes when we become E2 "dominant", and a lot of changes getting back to normal. I tell everybody I know to take their adex at night so they can start verifying morning wood more easily.
Glad to hear you are already geting positive changes from the adex, keep us posted.


My Dr just started me on Adex 1mg tabs.. Are there any benefits to using liquid over tabs?


From what I have gathered, the benefit of liquid adex lies in precision of dosing. By splitting up drops you can pretty much get doses in increments as small as 1/30th of a milligram, which is important for fine tuning for your individual needs, especially if you require a small amount such as .5mg/week. It would be difficult to accurately and conveniently split a 1mg tab into anything beyond a halves in my opinion.


Liquid is easier to fine tune dosing especially if you are an adex "over responder". I too have tabs from my doctor and I cut them into 1/4's using a pill cutter from the pharmacy. I am waiting on my latest b/w to come back to fine tune my dosage once again and I take 1/4 adex tab every day at present.
I am one of those men that convert T to E2 quite readily as well as being estrogen "sensitive". If I don't get tested every six months, I start acting "funny", and my wife reminds me to go get checked...


Ok I'm still wondering about the labs. Should I get them a month after starting adex? I was thinking of requesting the following labs:

Total Testosterone
Free Testosterone
E2 (ultra-sensitive)

Any other relevant labs at this point? I have insurance so no worries about cost.


So you do the tests, then what? Yes, you will be able to refine the anastrozole dose. But if you can't get TRT, why test the other things now? Find that TRT doc first then see what labs are in order. Note that lowering E2 could increase T a bit and make TRT less possible. Lower E2 could relieve some of your symptoms.

At your age, you really should be getting a good workup and TRT.