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Testosterone Pellet Therapy?


Has anyone tried this form of TRT? Like or dislike???


According to Dr. John Crisler (allthingsmale.com), it is not a good idea. For one thing, how do you make adjustments to the dose?


I never looked into it, but it would seem getting the pellet in must cause a little trauma to the site. I prefer 25g needle if something is going to be stuck inside of me.


You could read my posts on the 'Over 35 lifter' or supps and nutrition, but I'll reiterate here. My doc impanted 10 SottoPelle pellets. Took about five minutes, the pellets were $270, insurance paid for the implantation. After six weeks, my T level went from 600 to 1640. Added 1.5 inches to my upper arm in seven weeks using the HST training method. Only SEs are oily skin, some facial zits. The pellets are good for 4-6 months, are pretty much steady state, so no peaks or valleys like with IM injections. I know my doc will reduce the number of pellets next time as our goal was to have my level right at 1000.

If you need a doc, look for an antiaging physician or doctor of integrative medicine. You can also go to Sotto Pelle's website as they list affiliate physicians by state.


Hey - it's you, from supps/nutrition.

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Now, damn it, Brook, cut me some slack. Lurking...yeah, that's it, that's the ticket, now the truth be known. Okay, okay, so you've read me like a book, bro, no, not tempted, ready would be the operant term. I suspect you knew that.

The T brothers should be most appreciative of your many helpful postings all over the forums....



Yes, yes they should.. :wink:

Well when you feel you are ready to post a cycle or whatever, i will help - and if you have any questions before that, PM me.



Thanks, Brook, will do. As a bounce from the supps forum, might start with 50 mg. cyp twice a week, with no front loading. Guess I would kick it up to 100 mg. twice a week after that. As for the tren, well, quite honestly I don't know. I've read lots about how harsh it is, hard on the kidneys, etc., but I've seen no real verification of that. Bill Roberts considers it to be untrue. Yeah, I know it's more adrogenergic. Previously I did it in MAG-10 solution and I've also done it as a transdermal, so maybe the dose was low enough that I didn't experience any probs.



OMFG. Drain bamage. I guess senility has hit. What I meant to say was that I had used tren in solution with Androsol, not MAG-10. I also meant to add that with the test cyp I would add around 300-350 mg. weekly of deca.



Well as i said, when you are ready - start your own thread - so as to avoid hi-jacking someone elses.. :wink:


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