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Testosterone: Paper Version

Slightly off topic, but where can I get the old hard-copy Testosterone magazines? There isn’t a place in this town that would dare carry it, then or now.

When you include articles on women, please feature women athletes such as powerlifters, strong women, Highland games competitors, or track and field athletes. If you want to be taken seriously, DO NOT show anorexic “fitness” babes who look like they’ve never picked up a weight.
I have all the paper mags. I’d like to see more original articles that haven’t already appeared on the web. Please do not dumb down the articles for a mass audience. As far as the look of the mag, the last few paper issues had a very dark, gloomy look–too many dark backgrounds.

Perhaps there should be articles on WOMEN… and some pictures of GIRLS.

I was really hoping that I would be able to get a subscription. Oh well, hopefully I will be able to find it.

it would indeed be great if the paper mag made a reappearance. I too, have past issues, and still enjoy referring to them once in awhile. Although, most of the content is reprinted from the e-zine, some of the stuff is original and very well done. I love Shugart’s “Gut Check” articles. The last thing I think we have to worry about is T.C, Tim, et. al., “dumbing down” the magazine to appeal to the masses. Go back to an issue and read the Declaration of Principles. The mag is not intended for the masses who think bodybuilding is about reading the latest workout routine of the so-called pros and looking at silicone enhanced “fitness babes”. You’ll see none of this tripe in T mag when it hits the stands. I hope I’ll still have my old subscription honored, but if I don’t, I WILL try to find it, you can bank that. Carry on T- staff.

Are you going to publish a list of distributors or places ot find it? Also, will it be available from www.biotestedge.com or the T-Nation site?

A thought from a moderately hardcore weightlifter and eater (there’s got to be a better word for that):
I have plenty of articles at my disposal - all for free, and not just T-Mag. Scientific stuff, casual stuff, whatever I want. I print it out and read it whenever. Also there are so many great training books already out there (still waiting for Berardi’s new e-book that should fill the need for a good nutrition book!).

What I have difficulty finding is a new training program or a new diet. I typically have to hunt around for a while before I find something that looks interesting or that’s even possible at my gym (quad sets? Not gonna happen). I have a workout journal that is a little notepad from CVS, and when I track my diet it’s in Excel.

Anyway - there is a point to this - how about a mag that’s more of an interactive information source than a sit-on-the-crapper information source? How about something that comes out every 6 or 8 weeks, has well designed workout programs (depending on goals) and nutrition plans? So many workout plans in other mags SUCK. How about even including a workout journal for the workout? A meal planner for the diet? A calorie tracker? USEFUL stuff!! Especially when it’s well thought out and not just some afterthought ‘THREE WEEKS TO GREAT ABS!!’ program tossed in for good measure.

After all, ultimately we’re in this because we love working out, we love eating right, and we love seeing results. I can envision a mag that assists with all of the above.

How does someone outside of the U.S. get a copy, especially with no suscription.

TC, you HAVE to have subscriptions (or at least let people order each issue online). I was only ever able to find 2 issues (the last 2) of the paper mag here in Australia. Subscription, or online ordering, is the only way some of us can get hold of the magazine.

(And this is from a guy who has been burned by subscriptions before. I renewed my annual subscription to Muscle Media the issue before TC left and the whole thing went down the toilet faster than last night’s vindaloo and I ot stuck with 11 issues of rubbish.)

[quote]Atomic Dog wrote:
We probably won’t do subscriptions, but we’ll honor those that we sold before.

Awsome!!! I only got 2 issues of the “old” Print mag before it went under. It was totaly unreal. I got some secondary issues from Netrition and I like to spike the magazine rack at my gym occasionaly. It’s funny to watch how much they are read untill they “Disapear”


As a subscriber to the old version, I was stoked to hear that you guys will be honoring the old subscriptions, because I’ve missed it. And since now T-Nation shirts can just be bought on the site instead of reserved for us who got them the old-fashioned way, by subscribing or winning a contest, or sending a suggestion that got printed.