Testosterone Paper Mag #3

Just got my paws on paper T-mag #3, which looks incredible. Lots of new articles too that haven’t been posted on the web site. I probably get mine a little early, but I assuming subscribers will be getting their copies soon.

No fair Chris! I hope mine comes in the mail soon. I can’t wait to tear into the new articles. So why don’t you fill the rest of us in on some of those articles?

I bet you think you are so special because you get yours a little sooner than the rest of us! :stuck_out_tongue:

Note to self: Remove Nate’s copy of T-mag from outgoing mail. Replace with copy of Burn! Just kidding with you, Nate!

Okay, here we go, the new paper issue has: a new Testosterone Inquisitor, new Heavy Metal with Ian King (great delt program there and a good explanation of one-leg deadlifts w/ lots of pics of both), new Strasseroids, new Chemical Solution with Bill Roberts, new Gang of Five, new “If They Had The Balls” with Ron Harris, new Rater-X (this one is going to really piss off a few industy people and pro BBs!), and a new feature article by Ian. Brock’s Fat Fast articles have also been combined into one and updated with new info. There are a few articles in there too that have been posted at T-mag before, like the new Dead Pool, a Chek article, a Tate article, one by TC, two by John Berardi, plus a few more…

The graphics department did a great job; it’s really sharp. Doesn’t look anything like a regular BB mag, which is the whole point. The mag is info dense, too. I mean, I edited a lot of it and wrote some of it and it still took me several hours to read it cover to cover. Hope everyone likes it.


    cant wait to get it.....I was getting a bit antsy.....


HA, HA, HA! Chris, you crack me up! Send me Burn? Hey, if I was gay, I’d be all over an issue of Burn. I’ve had a few good laughs looking at it before!

Well, it sounds like T-mag issue #3 kicks some serious ass. I’ll be looking forward to getting it this week (I hope!).

Thanks for the update little man!

Chris: Now that you’re working on issue #4, will you take reader suggestions on which web articles should make it to the hardcopy? It would make an interesting thread. I propose Thomas Incledon’s article, “Strongman Exercises, Strongman Injuries.” The text version didn’t do this article justice. I’d like to see photographs on how to do those strongman exercises.