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testosterone paper issue

Would any body be able to tell me when the next paper issue of testosterone is coming out. I need one soon fo i am foaming at the the mouth with anticapation

I don’t know exactly, but I just got a peek at the new cover. Oh man, you guys (and gals) are going to soil yourselves. Best cover ever. Period. No contest. 'Nuf said.

Perhaps before the new issue comes out I’ll post the cover on the T-mag Photo Forum. There will be mass soiling. Joyful soiling. Uber-soiling.

Yes. Do so. I look forward to soiling myself. Whee!

Uhm, what if I already did, Chris?

MBE: "Filthily Fabulous since 1855."


I soiled myself a little just thinking about it. Just a wee skid mark.

Is soiling a sincere form of entertainment? Is it flattery? I would like to soil. Let the soiling begin.