Testosterone Only Cycle? Second Cycle?

Hey guys!

So, I got the following question:

On my first cycle I used 400mg Test-E. Couldn’t decide to either start low at 300 or like many at 500, so I decided to start at 400mg. I did this for 12 weeks, with hcg at 500iu/ week, proper PCT, ran an AI, everything worked amazing and I kept about 14lbs.

Now, for my sceond cycle I’m still not sure how to continue. Of course I could add Dbol or another compound, but from my gym bros I know that they have some sides that I just don’t want to have right now, maybe in a few years. Since this is a bulking cycle, I could also use tren, winstrol, etc. But I would like to save those for later (in a few years)

Back to the question, so since my first cycle was 400mg, would it be ok to use, let’s say 500 or better 600mg of test for my second cycle, then 750mg for my third cycle and then I would add another compound such as Anavar, Dbol, etc.(for my 4th cycle)

And would be better? To go 500,600, 750 (for my next 3 cycles) or 600 and then 750 (for my next 2 cycles)

I’m also open to add another compound but I’m lookijg for something with the least side effects and still good results.

I have more than 5+ years experience of training, read over 5 books of steroids and I know every compound, it’s just I can’t decide what to use… I know that sounds weird and it is.

Let’s hear what would be your advice :wink:

If you did well on just test, you should continue with just test until it no longer works - then bump dosage.

Best path is the safest path, and the safest path is the least compounds which still produce results :+1:


While I agree on the premise in theory, I found the addition of a dry oral to be worth it. I prefer tbol. I felt like the rate I got stronger with tbol was worth it (anavar wasn’t nearly as good imo). Didn’t get noticable negative sides other than back pumps. I felt like it was just a lot better for strength mg for mg compared to test.

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Ok if test worked then why try to fix something that is not broken? You could go up in dose but I dont think it is necessary. That being said taking test at 400mgs per week is not necessary but we do it because we want to. Following the thought process of wanting to do it yet wanting to be smart about adding in compounds then I say yes just up the dosage to 600mgs. I doubt you would even be able to find a difference in 400vs 500 mgs per week but 400 vs 600 should add some gas. I personally like that you are trying to hold off on new compounds. The facts are the first time we use a compound that is hands down the best response per mg we will ever get. What I mean is say you took 15mg per day of whatever and you were able to gain 5 lbs. Now the next cycle you take 20-25 mgs per day but can only get 3 pounds. I have read that in order to mimic the first response then we would need to double the dosage but I think I read that with intoxicating drugs in certain situations. So I am glad you want to hold off and try new compounds at a manageable and advantageous pace. I wish I had done that but I just had to try everything.

If you just have an itch to try something new in the mix; proviron. It won’t help you gain extra pounds but it will make the pounds you do get all the better. Really it’s good stuff, lowers shbg, leans you, hardens muscle tissue, helps definition and vascularity. Then there is the energy/libido boost or should I say libido turbo afterburners. Like I said good stuff and I like it. Plus it is an oral that is not toxic on your liver. Also it is not suppressive so you can take it off cycle if you want to add a little something in there in between cycles. I recommend proviron because you can scratch the new compound itch without waisting that first time with a compound response like you might if you try something else before you are totally ready to take advantage of the run.

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Thank you! Well, in this case I think I will go with 600mg of Test-E for my next cycle. Since I use Hcg and I had no problems, I even consider to go for 14 weeks instead of 12. How much proviron would you use for a 600mg cycle and for how long? The entire cycle? I know proviron, just didn’t use it before, so I would go 50mg/daily (split into two of course) for 12 - 14 weeks, so together with my Test cycle.

Yeah that was the idea behind. I think I will just run 600mg for my next cycle. Thanks

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Perhaps the +14lbs is what your genetics can keep naturally. What you can keep from your next cycling could be quite telling.

With this logic you might as well go for you’re proven 400mg Test only cycle for 20 weeks.

Well, I thought about that, but…! From my knowledge I know that a short cycle of 6 or 8 weeks makes no sense because test needs a few weeks to kick in. But I also don’t want to cycle that long because it may take longer for your own testosterone to come back. I know, since I’m using Hcg this won’t be a problem (mostly, probably). Did you do a 20 week cycle before? How did it go? A gym buddy told me that after about 14 - 16 weeks you won’t make any progress, what is your opinion on that?

I know, but it was hard work to build those muscles and to keep them!! I hope to get another 8 - 10lbs of lean mass during my next cycle, we will see😅

Do what you did before again, until it stops working


You mean again 400mg?

Many would speculate that it makes little difference whether you shut-off your LH/FSH supply for 3, 4 or 5 months and I think I’d agree. 12 weeks is probably long enough for your body to accept and settle with the LH analog and exogenous testosterone in lieu of its usual and arguably more complete endogenous supply.