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Testosterone on the BRAIN

Hello T-mag fans. I was reading on this site about how testosterone levels in humans can affect many aspects of a persons life, to a limited extent it could even indicate their occupational choices. We, as in fans of the hormone, may have experienced androgenic uphoria and the agressive affects of naturally high T levels, and occasionaly the 2gms of Test-cyp/wk high. We all know the extent that testosterone can effect the musculature of our bodies. My question is…To what extent does testoterone affect the brain? Is this affect permanent? How does this affect long term personality traits? Bluntly put…I am I changing my personality as well as my body when I take juice?

That’s a great question. Researchers are not totally sure about this yet, especially in bodybuilders who, dare I say, abuse androgens. From what I know, there are CNS effects from androgen administration, including cognitive and behavorial changes but these are probably temporary in adults. I dont think the brain anatomy changes in adults with androgen administration. Most of the research has been done in T deficient men and women and the cognitive effects are very positive. But this means very little to men who take more T than necessary. Ill keep you posted on any new findings.

I would be quite interested in this area myself.I spend
more time looking for info on substances that boost energy
and instill euphoria than I do on juice.I can personally
attest to the euphoric effects of androgens.I am a heavy
caffeine user.800 mg every morning when I wake up is not
uncommon.I dont get much of a boost from it anymore though.
On one occasion I used 200mg of caffeine with 75mg of
methyltestosterone.It was the most euphoric 3 hours of my