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Testosterone Obsolete?


Interesting article regarding chemically fed 'bionic' muscles.



Let's all quit lifting weights then.


They always come up with these articles about cool things science is going to do, and then they never happen. If they're talking about artificial muscles now, they may have a use in 50 years. We also found a way to block myostatin in mice and cows.


100x as strong? It runs on alcohol? So if I get drunk I can squat 50,000 pounds? Hmmm...


Alcohol fueled robots.... sweeeeet.

Well, usually technologies like this have smaller effects on the world that we don't really notice right away... the big changes to life happen slowly, and we don't really notice them.

In the meantime, I'm gonna keep on lifting, of course... :wink:


gives new meaning to "beer muscles" eh?


Does this mean Cyborg in the next few years?
I would definitely volunteer.


Should we all start practicing an alternate "refueling" methodology?


Holy crap! That would make FightinIrish the strongest man on the planet. <;-0)

\|/ 3Toes


Anyone click on the inflatable muscle suits for the elderly link?

I think stuff like this is great. My grandfather lost his arm in a farming accident something like 50 years ago, and he still wears one of those hook arms today.

I remember my first computer. An Apple II C. 128 K of memory, which blew away all of the computers at my school.

The Razr phone I got a few months back has something like 5.5 megs. It has internet access, a camera, video, speaker phone, blue tooth, games, and voice records for taking little notes. (And the only reason I actually got the thing is because it was thin, as I hate bulky things in my pocket.)

I remember being happy I upgraded to a 56K modem, and now I get annoyed if T-Nation takes more then a couple of seconds to load up.

I don't think we have seen anything yet.


....seriously. The fact that I'm 25 and have ALREADY seen so much change in technology over my lifetime tells me that this is going to continue to be a VERY exciting time to be alive.