Testosterone No Longer Working

Hi, I am a 23 year old male currently on testosterone replacement therapy since last fall. The reason I started therapy is because my testosterone level was pretty low for someone my age it was around 300. I go to a testosterone clinic to get this done, and they started me at around 100mg per week and have been gradually increasing the dose ever since.

After getting 200mg per week, I finally started seeing a positive difference in my mood, energy, libido, etc and my T level increased to around 550. Although this was an improvement, I still wanted to see higher so I asked to increase the dosage to 220mg per week. After a few weeks of this though, I am starting to not even feel the testosterone effects anymore and I have very low energy and feel almost as bad as I did before the therapy.

Does this make any sense at all?

Are you using an AI? Chances are your E2 levels are high to feel the benefits of testosterone. Get bloodwork done to check E2 and find out where you’re at.

E2 was “only at 50.” You are off to a bad start. Others on here, with way more creds will tell you that you are doomed for failure. Respectfully, you are practicing guestimedicine.

Continue to search the site, specifically stickies, and make sure you are working with a Doc that has creds in what you are doing. Sadly, your medical skills are guestimations, perhaps?

Read the stickies.

Drop dose to 100mg a week and start 1 mg arimidex a week in divided doses.

50 pg/ml? Is quite high. When mine got to 50 i had the worst panic attacks and felt like shit.

Read the stickies and get your E2 into the 20-30 range and you will feel fine. No need to increase your dose over 100 test a week. You will just get more side effects probably.


[quote]hormonal wrote:
E2 was “only at 50.” You are off to a bad start. [/quote]

It may have been a different scale. OP please post ranges for tests.

Also, if T is only 550 ng/dl on 200 mg T per week, then something is wrong. You should have your SHBG tested and/or your free T. SHBG may be much too low and free T much too high (or the clinic is scamming you - some of these operations are very shady, especially the ones operating out of Florida), and these high doses of T will only depress SHBG further and ultimately be harmful.

If your E2 is 50 pg/ml, you should address that ASAP. You should aim for something between 20-23 pg/ml.

If it`s in other unit of measure, post your lab ranges so we can help you better.

My E2 at 48 pg/ml had me feeling like a moody, depressed bitch, I`m using Arimidex at 0.25 mg EOD to lower it. Perhaps you should give that a try.

What brand of T cyp are you using? On 220mg a week your T should be in the 1200-1500 range. IM or SC injections? When are you pulling the labs?