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Testosterone Nation Is Coming

As a reader of Testosterone, have you ever felt a little out of place among the rest of the population? A little more tuned in? A little above the typical Subway eatin', Slim Fast drinkin' andro-banning SHEEP out there? A little more ALIVE? The T-mag staff does and we think most of you do too.

For a long time now, we've been thinking about how we can capture this feeling while at the same time drawing all the T-maggers out there closer into the Testosterone family. We think we've succeeded.

This Friday we're seceding from the Union, in a manner of speaking.

A new era is beginning for Testosterone Magazine.

Testosterone Nation is coming.

Are you ready?

So what can we expect from “Testosterone Nation?”

Sounds interesting…Just don’t pull a Bill Phillips on us!!!

wha…who…whodad wit the what now…im speechless with anticipation.

What craziness is this? Now you have our attention…

I think all the rain we’ve had this last week has finally gotten to you, Chris.

But what the hell - show me the way, mah brutha!

It’s about fucking time.

Ready for anything. Nice teaser!

Ok, Chris, take the Alpha Stim off “stun” and start from the beginning…slowly. :wink:

Actual conversation had via IM:

John Roman : Maybe introducing a new line of T clothes. shorts, bumper stickers, etc that would be pretty sweet But I dont think it would be made a big deal not their style

MBE: not at all suffice to say we'd be appalled maybe they bought some lang and are creating their own colony The T-commune It's all so Pavel

John Roman: hehe, I'm really eager to see what this is

MBE: Yeah, I'm like a girl scout with nymphomania in a prison shower room

JR: You're a psycho

MBE: "Like a spacemonkey, ready to be shot off into space since 2002."


I am ready, I want to be a part. My dorm room is hell. I have the most estrogen filled roomate ever. This really makes me curious. I want to know what it is.

Lead me to the promised land!

Cool! Where else, as TC says, can you find weightlifting rocket-scientists who speak in surfer dialect.

I am ready… just today I was talking about efa’s and udo’s and what nots (and I was asked I wasn’t preachin it to random peoples), and I was asked if it was vitamins.

Don’t…like… change…cannot… accept…change.

*thinking* **lightbulb flashes on**

Wait...is there a announcement about a Biotest Beer? If not *grumble* then I will respectively accept whatever the fine folks of Testosterone changes. Okay....now....AMAZE me, I'm ready.....

Um, YES, fuckin’ A i am ready. But this was a bigger dick tease than the girls that go to my school (and that’s a lot). I’m skipping class tomorrow and hitting refresh every 1.5 milliseconds.

If I score another cool T-Shirt out of it, I’m game for anything:) I love the looks I get when I wear it on campus or to the gym, as they officially convince me that I’m surrounded by retards who have no idea how to train or eat. Bring it on!

It would be kind of cool if the guys at T-Mag claimed some previously undiscovered tropical island. I wouldn’t mind moving there to just eat, sleep, lift, and stare at vixens:)

Ok godfather wass up with this T-familia:)?

…Count The Lion “In”…!!!

I’m ready to rumble.