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Testosterone & Nandrolone Together?


I would like to add to my testosterone injections (250mg/10days) some Deca Durabolin injections to have more results.

I have find Deca which is 200mg per injections!

How should I combined both products?

Injections at the same time? Alternated?

How much Deca should I take? I was thinking about 200mg/10days.

Can you help me?

Thanks a lot for your answers!


Nandrolone is very suppresive if you haven’t heard.
I would say you might have more success uping the test to 500mg/week and leaving the nandro alone.

This really depends on how long you’re running this and what your goals are.
You should be running at least nolv while on, maybe nolv and arim (while on only) if the test dosage gets higher and planning on doing 20-40mg nolv/day for a few weeks after.
You also may conside HCG while on only for 2x/week if you notices testicular atrophy. It’s also a good idea to read a bit more about the subject.

200mg/day of the deca is a good amount. I believe you can go anywhere from 200-400/day. I tried this stuff way back when and at 200/day I gained significant size and strength over about 5-6 weeks.


Seriously 200-400mg deca per day? Don’t most people run like 400-600 per week? Sounds like a lot to me.

When you say “testicular atrophy”, do you mean that they literally physically shrink, or just that they stop making enough T?

What other effects are there? Is there less semen, less desire, fewer erections?

K-Boom, to answer your questions… all of the above.

Greg, 200mg of Deca and 250mg of Test every 10 days is VERY weak. I’m not sure what kinds of gains you are expecting, or what kind of Test you are running.

I would personally TRIPLE each amount over a 7 DAY period, not a 10 day period. You could have yourself a very good cycle with 750mg of Test and 600mg of Deca per week. If you want to use Deca, you have 2 choices:

  1. Get off the Deca early in your cycle and run the Test a little longer because of the evil side effects from the Deca (staying on the Test will help as the Deca SLOWLY leaves your system).

  2. Use Test Propionate instead of a Test with longer acting esters. Again, this will help you better in managing your blood levels while on, and while coming OFF, the Deca. Good luck.

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Nandrolone is a pretty decent steroid. The problem is that is is most commonly found attached to the decanoate ester which Is not an ester designed for short steroid cycles where fast htpa recover is essencial. I have said it before and I’ll say it again. If you are planning a short cycle i.e 1-3 months, don’t even consider using anything that contains the decanoate ester! If you can try and find some dynobolan or nandrolone phenlypropinate. This is a much better choice.


I don’t agree with everything said here. Here’s my opinion.

Testosterone has notable disadvantages at high dosages (gyno, hair-loss, blah, blah). It is also supressive to the HPTA. However, the androgenic components of test are associated with increased strength. Test neither improves nor worsens insulin sensitivity and joint condition.

Nandrolone (the active hormone in Deca) does not have many of the androgenic problems associated with test (it’s known to be easy on the hair-line, etc). In addition Deca has a positive effect on joint condition and has an established track-record in this regard. This was theorised to have been because of increased water-retention in the joints, but it is actually because nandrolone increases collagen synthesis, and therefore stengthens the connective tissues. Deca also improves insulin sensitivity in the muscles.

Also, it’s established that both test and deca are aprroximately equal in terms of HPTA supression. Deca may feel more supressive when used alone because it isn’t as androgenic, and hence natural agression, sex-drive, erectile function, etc are blunted. But they are BOTH SUPRESSIVE!!!

Hence, to mitigate the effects of pure Test, sticking in some Deca is not a bad idea. However, if you ever plan to be tested in future, beware that because of the nandrolone (a non-human steroid hormone) and the long-life esters, you will test positive up to 2 years down the road.

Also, I agree that you should use more. Again, a dose as low as 100mg/week of test OR deca is as suppressive to the HPTA as bigger doses like 600mg/wk. So you better be growin’ while your’e nuts are snoozin’!

My suggestion for a mid-range stack (for a novice) is:

Front-Load 400mg Deca, 500mg Test (I’m assuming Cypionate here)

Thereafter 200mg Deca, 250mg Test every week. (or 400mg deca every second week, but I prefer weekly).

To come off, assuming cypionate once again, discontinue Deca the week before or the same week as the test. This will actually leave you with residual deca in your system after the test has cleared, due to the longer half-life of the deca. Then begin some regen.

Also, with both deca and test, water bloat will be a problem. I suggest Nolvadex and/or Proviron, especially when you cycle the test out.

For a bigger cycle, just double the dodes above.

It may be noted that this cycle (even with finasteride (propecia/proscar) may be hard on the hariline, since the Nandrolone is no longer de-activated by 5-alpha-reductase in the skin. I would suggest a topical stack of Regaine + Retonoid + DMSO to improve circulation and mitigate andro pattern hair-loss.

Trin hard. Grow strong.

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I second Justin P’s questioning 200-400mg of deca a day! That would be 1400-2800mg a week. That can’t be necessary, surely?

you are right creed. That much would be cheating!!!

I like deca a lot, just take your last shot of it about 3-4 weeks before your cycle ends. And go with a good size front load.

I thought lucid never did any roids! Or Am I confusing him with someone else? I think it was him who said that it was cheating… you cheater!!!
I agree with P-22, he’s the man in this kind of topics.


Maybe my literacy skills are letting me down here, but who said anything about 200-400mg a DAY. He was talking about 200mg/10days = 140mg/week… unless my maths is letting me down too.

I also agree that deca is suitable only for longer cycles… I assumed this guy would be on a long cycle… my bad.

If you can’t get nandro phenylprop, you can also use equipoise, which will give good results (comprable to low-dose deca) but with lower HPTA supression. Harder on the hairline, and bigger/more frequent injections though.

It was Lucid who suggested using 200mg/day in the second post on this thread. Does anyone remember the thread about a month ago where lucid was calling every steroid user a cheat and a junkie. i believe he even referred to steroids as being delivered intraveneously. am i mad or was it the same guy?

Quote lucid:
Just FYI my stats are 6’2" at 230 lbs, about 14%. My bench is 275, deadlift is 515, leg press is 950 for 8 reps. I haven’t tried maxing on squats since changing my form to a power squat. And I haven’t done steroids; clearly the numbers would be higher and places and lower in others.

If I decide to jab a needle in my ass to cheat some, I’ll let you know, but that’s probably unlikely.
Unquote lucid

Lying ass, big mouthed chickensh1t. So which is it lucid? Looks like you’ve f#cked it up again huh? Caught in your own web of bullsh1t. Don’t get on the Steroid forum and try handing out advice to those who need it when you’ve never done it and you think it’s “cheating”. What a moron. Did you honestly think none of us would catch this? LMFAO I can’t wait to hear the moronic reply this time…


That’s what I said a couple of lines ago… HE’S the same guy, damn! Now I understand his nonsense about nandrolone…


Ahh shut up, I meant per week. 200mg a day would be absurd. I apologize for not reading and understanding clearly. Go ahead and bash me you fucking cheaters.

My cycle was 200mg/week upping to 400mg/week for 4 weeks then back down the 200mg. It was a total of 6 weeks and yes it worked. And yes, I was cheating.

I did not suffer from “Deca dick” and my strength and size didn’t diminish. Sorry to disappoint you all.

I never said I didn’t cheat I simply said it was cheating. Stop the nonsense already. I’ve accepted that its cheating, its too bad you haven’t done the same. At least call a duck a duck.