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Testosterone Melting Point

what happen to the molecule of testosterone (propionate or other) at the melting point of 122°c.
the powder become liquid and then seems like fluid caramel, but what is it in fact ? is it possible to use it or to recuperate it ? sorry if it’s a noob question.

The melting points of various testosterone powders are different. Some types of testosterone powders will melt on a very hot day eg 40 deg C. They seem to stay as a hard toffee like substance even when they return to a more average temperature. Can they be returned to a powder again, I don’t know. Perhaps if they are chilled, or frozen first, then they might be able to be reground into powder. I haven’t tried it.
Yes, all melting does is make the powder liquid or pliable. It makes it quicker to dissolve into a suitible solution( with an oil, and solvent like benzyl benzoate) ready for injection. It is not necessary to melt either to dissolve it, or to ensure sterilization. A correct mixture of powder oil, and solvent will dissolve it, especially after it has gone through a filter(which will sterilze the solution).
Melting points are used to verify if you have been actually given the correct steroid powder, or have been given a cheaper substitute steroid, or perhapseven an inactive ingrediant.

very interesting answer. for information i 've burn my cristals of testosterone propionate by error, and can have recuperate them by putting the crital liquid in methanol (15mn) and add water (30 mn) for recritallisation.

so then it’s possible to use them in that state for putting more easyly in oil, it’s very very interesting.